Written by August 22, 2016

To prevent our clients from utilizing all their bandwidth quickly, HostDime uses a different system for allocating bandwidth and calculating usage.

Written by August 18, 2016

Our network design results in high performance routing within Mexico to reach 95% of all homes at the lowest latency.

Written by August 17, 2016

Enjoy a directory of the best 2016 cloud computing and data center conferences, trade shows, and events.

Written by August 10, 2016

Save 20% each and every month off your new VPS order! Simply use coupon code HAPPYDIME at checkout. Act now because this offer ends August 31st, 2016!

Written by August 4, 2016

Here are the seven main differences between each type of SSL certificate that HostDime offers.

Written by July 28, 2016

HostDime’s KVM VPS platform will allow us to still offer shared and reseller hosting, but in a more private, customizable, and secure environment.

Written by July 26, 2016

cPanel has announced software version 58 is now available in the CURRENT tier. cPanel comes free with both a HostDime managed VPS server and managed dedicated server. Here are a few of the new features in version 58.

Written by July 22, 2016

There’s been a change in HostDime policy and server configuration in regard to secure e-mail.

Written by July 20, 2016

If you’re looking to make a worthwhile investment for your company by purchasing your own hardware over leasing, trust HostDime and our lifetime warranty.

Written by July 19, 2016

HostDime Brazil is celebrating 10 years as one of the most reputable data center providers in South America. Services offered include colocation, managed dedicated servers, managed VPS, and business hosting, all of which are physically located in Brazil.

Written by July 5, 2016

All sites need protection, and SSL remains one of the sturdiest forms available. If you are collecting credit card information on your shopping cart page, you most definitely need an SSL certificate.

Written by June 22, 2016

Building vs buying. Which is a better investment for your enterprise?