Apple Computers Attacked by Another New Virus

apple computers virus

Just when you thought it was safe to log back on to your Apple computer after this month’s previous virus scare, it seems that maybe it isn’t. According to the Herald Sun, another Mac Trojan virus has been discovered, and this one has been infecting Apple computers via a Java plug-in. It seems to be spreading across computers when individuals open their respective emails with links leading them to vicious malware. The newest virus has been christened “SabPub,” an abbreviation of its official name, “Backdoor.OSX.SapPUb.” Researchers and experts are saying this new threat has the potential to taint more Mac computers than the one that infected over 600,000 earlier this month.

Do you hear that sudden rush of wind? That’s the sound of the folks at Apple breathing a collective sigh of frustration.

It’s no secret that Apple prided itself on not being susceptible to virus attacks. In fact, that’s one of the things that the company is known for. Two attacks in one month isn’t looking so good for their squeaky clean reputation. However, information found on Mashable states that although some Mac users may believe they are safe from viruses and such, there were actually about 300 variants of Mac malware that had been detected before 2012. Now, 70 have been detected in just the past three months.

That’s a problem.

So, with two new viruses attacking Apple computers, it does beg the question on whether or not Apple is fixing things fast enough. Security is always of paramount importance – whether it be for individuals that casually surf the Internet or for those that have their own businesses. HostDime actually has a dedicated server security audit in an effort to provide peace of mind to clients, which is something that individuals with Apple computers probably want. InformationWeek stated that there are a few similarities with the two viruses. For starters, they both exploit the same drive-by Java vulnerability and they both are designed to add in infected Macs to the command and control server for a botnet.

However, despite the similarities, there are differences. In an interview with Mashable, Alex Gostev, the chief security expert of Kaspersky Lab, an  anti-virus software provider, said that the new virus spreads in a more effective way.

“The Flashback and the SabPub Trojans are totally different,” Gostev said. “SabPub is classic backdoor Trojan, so it opens full access to a victim’s system for attackers. Flashback and its known variants is downloader and clickjacking bot, which means it conducts click fraud scam by hijacking people’s search engine results inside their web browsers.”

So, there’s that. Either way, it isn’t looking so good for Apple. Perhaps it’s time to bring in the pesticide.

After all, who wants fruit when it isn’t fresh?

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