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HostDime presents a brand new live chat for our customers! We are always trying to make sure we are offering the best services and that we are doing it as efficiently and effectively as we can. Enter our new live chat web application! It has been totally redesigned to better integrate with our company and make it easier for our clients to use.

New Client Perspective

On the client end, there are a few updates and new features. For instance, now you can contact us through live chat even when you are away from your computer because it is supported in mobile browsers. This is made possible because it is a purely HTML, CSS, and JavaScript application, rather than Flash like the old live chat. Not only does this make it faster and more efficient, but it is also more aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to the change in coding, you can now choose the department which you need to chat with before starting your chat. This makes it easier for us to know who is best suited to address your question. It also means that you will receive live chat service more quickly than before.

Another completely new feature is that all clients have the ability to rate and comment on every technician that they chat with during their live chat session. This allows you to give us feedback more easily and allows us to make adjustments based on your experience.

The Backend

There have been a few changes to the backend of the live chat that also affect the client experience. The first change is that transferring chats to a different department has become much easier and quicker. This allows you, the client, to receive support much more quickly.

Live chat is now better integrated into our internal software suite. This deeper integration allows for us to have access to watch chat logs as they occur as well as archive all previous chat logs. Supervisors will be able to see all the chats a technician has answered. Also, all technicians will be able to access any current or prior chats that a client has had and use that information when working on their issue or answering their questions. This new feature helps us to audit our processes and to use live and prior chats as training tools. Also, with all of the chat information being logged, we can gather statistics such as average length of chats, time spent waiting, chat ratings, etc. that will help us increase productivity.

Along with the new look and deeper integration into our internal software suite, we have made the live chat application more scalable and reliable. This allows us to be ready when we have an influx of clients contacting us through live chat.

The Future

We are planning tighter integration of live chat with Core so that clients have the ability to login to their account through the live chat and receive full authorized technical support. We are also going to allow clients to view complete logs of their live chats from Core.

What do you think of our new live chat? Anything you’d like to see in the next updates? Leave us feedback by commenting in the box below.

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