Registering Custom DNS Nameservers for Your Domain Registered with Godaddy

Published on: November 12, 2013
Difficulty: Easy

A video covering registering Custom DNS Nameservers for Your Domain Registered with Godaddy.

We often receive inquiries on how to register custom DNS nameservers at GoDaddy, so to help our clients whose domains are held with another registrar, we wrote this brief walk-through which represents GoDaddy’s system instructions as of August 2012.

When you’re a web hosting reseller, professionalism is important. Any given domain’s nameservers are public information, so many of our clients prefer their nameservers and their domains to match. If your domain is [] an example of custom nameservers would be and By default HostDime provides its clients with nameservers in the format of ns*

To register your own custom DNS nameservers at GoDaddy:

Visit the GoDaddy website and login to your “GoDaddy Account Manager.”

Next to the “Domains” area, click “Launch.”

Click on the domain name you’d like to use to register your own custom DNS nameservers.

You will see “Host Summary.” In the “Host Summary” section, click “Add.”

In the “Host Name” field, enter the hostname you want to register. If your domain is [] and you’d like to register as your nameserver, you’d enter “ns1″ into this “Host Name” field.

The next field you’ll see will be labeled “Host IP.” GoDaddy will not let you register nameservers with a single IP so you’ll need two different IPs to create these. In the two “Host IP” fields, enter those two nameserver IPs. If you’re unsure what these IPs should be, feel free to contact HostDime support or your respective web hosting provider.

As a last step, you may wish to contact HostDime support or your web hosting provider to ensure that the “ns1″ and “ns2″ A record entries are properly created in the DNS zone file on your host server. These records need to be in place for the custom nameservers you created at GoDaddy to work properly.

You should now be done! It will take a few hours for the nameservers to take effect and propagate. If your domain is a .COM or .NET this time-frame should be 4-8 hours at most. For some other TLDs this time may be up to 24-48 hours.

Once you’ve created your custom DNS nameservers at GoDaddy, you can set your DNS nameservers for your domain.

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