Our Brands

HostDime owns and operates a number of brands offering a wide variety of services. Below are the listed companies.

DimeNOC Data Center

DimeNOC is the largest privately owned data center in the South East USA. More information is available here

Surpass Hosting

Through surpasshosting.com we are able to offer web hosting services at a lower price point for users that are not looking for phone support. Helpdesk/Livechat support included. Surpasshosting accounts are hosted in DimeNOC facilities.

Instant cPanel License

Instant cPanel licenses for Dedicated and VPS servers. WHMSonic, RVSkin, WHMXtra, and Softaculous, licenses are also available.


Our brand and division of un-managed Virtual Private Server (VPS). We have worked with different server virtualization technologies since 2006. In 2010 we released HDVPS offering Xen and OpenVZ Unmanaged Linux based VPS accounts.


VPSLatch is a industry leading VPS Provider that specializes in budget VPS offerings across the globe. VPSLatch was acquired by HostDime.com, Inc. and added to the HostDime family in April of 2011.

HostDime International

HostDime operates 7 international branches across the globe. Offering local country hosting options, support/sales in local native language, and billing/payment options in local currency. View our branches here