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Cloud Accelerator and CDN

Get twice the speed and performance with HostDime's FREE Cloud Accelerator

Slow websites frustrate users, and it hurts your SEO and conversions with high bounce rates and abandoned shopping carts. A Content Delivery Network can fix these problems, but only 6% of websites use a CDN. Why? While the benefits are great, CDNs are often too expensive and difficult to implement for website owners. Well thanks to HostDime's Cloud Accelerator, you and your users can benefit from lightning fast performance with zero effort required. Get CDN speed without the CDN price or complexity!

HostDime's Cloud Accelerator leverages 20 data center locations around the global to provide an instant CDN for web content hosted in our cloud infrastructure, speeding up your entire Cloud Server. Best of all, this feature is completely FREE!


Take a look at the benchmark table, which shows the results of a Cloud Server running a typical e-commerce website with and without Accelerator enabled.

The Accelerator shrinks the file size almost 60%, reduced load time by over 50%, and resulted in 75% fewer file requests. Best of all, the content features no loss of quality.

This unique FREE feature won't be found from cloud providers like AWS or Azure!

Original Accelerated
File request 52 13
Load time 3.9 s 1.9 s
File Size 1.14 MB 0.47 MB
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CLOUD SERVER APPLIANCE: The VS appliance lays between the hypervisor and the Cloud Server hosting the web apps. It automatically rewrites the URLs of static content to the CDN.

HYPERVISOR: Firewall rules are applied on the hypervisor to reroute HTTP/HTTPS traffic through the accelerator. The whole Cloud Server is accelerated, regardless of how many websites are hosted. The Accelerator also has built-in monitoring and failover. In the event the appliance goes down, the firewall rules are removed, and traffic is instantly sent back to the target server.

CONTENT DELIVERY NETWORK: Accelerator leverages locations around the globe and automatically optimizes, compresses, and distributes static content on all sites hosted on the Cloud Server. This is served to the end user via the closest location.

NO CONFIGURATION REQUIRED: No HTML changes are necessary, just flip the switch and watch your websites fly!

HostDime's Cloud Accelerator is available to all of our Cloud clients for FREE! Open a ticket to get started, and say hello to faster speeds!