Network Analyst I

Job Responsibilities

  • Carrying out network maintenance procedures as assigned by management
  • Assisting colocation clients with general network questions and setup
  • Proactive monitoring of network health and responding to trends in order to maintain performance and SLAs.
  • Monitoring of network for inbound/outbound DDoS attacks and ensuring proper mitigation through provided tools
  • Monitoring the network for abuse and enforcing company TOS
  • Monitoring the company‚Äôs trouble ticket system and respond in a timely manner
  • Carrying out audits of network infrastructure
  • Other network related tasks as assigned by management


  • Good communication and observation skills
  • Ability to take ownership and resolve abuse and network issues
  • Ability to prioritize based on team needs
  • Basic Linux knowledge and the ability to self-learn as needed
  • Understanding of TCP/IP (IPv4)

Desired Skills

  • Basic Unix shell scripting
  • Be comfortable with IOS, Brocade IronWare/FastIron, and JunOS based devices.
  • Have Knowledge of BGP, OSPF, OSPFv6, IPv6.


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