Differences Between New and Old WHM Backup Configurations

This article covers differences between New and Old Backup Configurations in WHM.

The new way for configuring backups (Backup Configuration) in WHM has improvements from the older method (Legacy Backup Configuration). The new way allows you to retain multiple copies of backups for accounts. For example, you can create a backup for an account on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and choose to retain 3 backups. In this example, every Monday backup should overwrite the Monday backup from the previous week and so on. You can still choose to create a monthly backup as before.

Note: You can also use 'Backup User Selection' to choose which type of backup configuration will be used for each user whether it be the new method or the old. Make sure that you do not have both the new and old method of backups selected for users as this will create duplicate backups that are not needed and can use a lot of your disk space.