How to Create a Feature List

Step 1: Log into WHM

Step 2: Go to Feature Manager


Step 3: Name your list and click Add Feature List.

Step 4: You will now see the options you have to select from for your newly created list.


For example, if you want your clients to have the ability to install SSL certificates, you can check the option called "SSL Host Installer".

Step 5: Click Save.

For Resellers, we have everything except for the following enabled by default:

  • API Shell

  • Change Language

  • SSL Host Installer


Step 6: Add clients to your feature list(s). Go to Edit a Package and select a package that will use the new feature list. Click Edit.


Step 7: Go to the settings section at the bottom. Change the default feature list to the one you just created. This feature list will now be applied to any client using this particular hosting package. Click Save Changes.



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