How to Create a Mailing list in cPanel

How to Create a Mailing List in cPanel

1) Log in to your cPanel:

2) Under the section called "Mail", click on "Mailing Lists".

3) Choose a name for the Mailing List you would like to create and the domain you would like it for.

4) Create a password or use the Password Generator to create a password and input it twice.

5) Click on "Add Mailing List".

6) You can configure the mailing list by clicking on "Manage" once it is created.

7) Enter in password in "List Administrator Password".

Note: Shared packages have a limit on how many emails can be sent per hour. This limit is set at 350 emails per hour so please be aware when create a mailing list.

Using a mailing list will allow you to send updates and newsletters to large amounts of people without having to manually type all of their email addresses.