Purchase Cloud Credits for HostDime Cloud

Purchasing Cloud Credits for the HostDime Cloud

First, navigate to https://core.hostdime.com/cloud/ and purchase cloud credits.

Once you have credits, you can then enter our portal to begin deploying Virtual Servers!

FAQs about HostDime Cloud billing

After you purchase credits, you can then use them just like tokens at an arcade. You can refer to the "Buckets" tab for the billing plan in place. Within the bucket, you can see how much is charged depending on usage within the "Rate Card" section. This rate card includes CPU/Memory/Disk usage, and explains whether or not they are billed for resources that are offline.


How do you pay for the HostDime Cloud?

The HostDime Cloud functions on a prepaid credit system. Used cloud resources will subtract from your balance and will need to be refilled to remain active.

What is the minimum balance?

A minimum of $20 is required to open a new Cloud account.

How often are resources billed?

Resources are billed hourly and will subtract from your current balance.

What happens if my balance reaches zero?

If your auto-refill threshold is not configured you run the risk of reaching a zero balance. If this happens your servers will be suspended and taken offline. Make sure to refill your balance to activate your services again.

How can I refill my balance?

Login and navigate to https://core.hostdime.com/cloud and adjust your Auto-Refill and Refill amounts.

Am I billed for stopped Cloud servers?

Yes, but you will only be billed for the storage you are using (since that is in use whether your Cloud server is running or not). If you don't want to be billed at all, please delete your Cloud server.

How is bandwidth billed?

All inbound traffic is free and you are only billed on outbound traffic after you reach the free limit.  Each account receives 10TB of bandwidth free.

How are IPs billed?

Each account includes one free IPv4 IP.  Additional IPs will be billed hourly.