Manually Updating InterWorx

InterWorx is set to update itself automatically by default and will do so periodically as needed. However, there may be times when you want to manually update your server to get the latest security and bug fixes.

Updating InterWorx via NodeWorx

You can update/upgrade any RPM packaged software (including InterWorx) from NodeWorx if you have the appropriate level of access.

  1. Log into NodeWorx if you aren't already.
  2. Click on Software Updates in the Server section of NodeWorx.
    In the Server Section of NodeWorx Click on Software Updates.
  3. InterWorx always tries to keep itself updated automatically, but you can control whether InterWorx also updates the OS itself at the same time. You can also choose to be notified after an update is done.
    Enable or Disable Automatic OS Package Updates and Enter an Email Address to be Informed After an Update
    1. Select Enabled from the OS Updates item if you want InterWorx to also install available OS-level updates.
    2. Enter a valid email address in the Email field if you want to be notified.
    3. Click Update to apply your changes.
  4. Make sure that InterWorx is set to the update channel you want to use by selecting it from the InterWorx Update Channel: drop-down list if it isn't already set to what you want, then click Update.
    Select the Update Channel and Click the Update Button

    Although you can set the update channel to a less-frequently updated version (for example, switching from Release to Stable), you won't be able to install that version unless it is equal to or higher than the version you currently have installed. However, you can always switch to a more frequently updated channel if you want (for example moving from Release to Release Candidate).

  5. To check for updates, click the clock icon on the top right of the Available Updates section. If there are any new updates to be installed, all of the software packages will be listed here.
    Click Clock Icon at the Top of the Available Updates Section and then Check the Items you Want to Update and click Go
  6. Check the box next to each package you want to update or click the checkbox to the left of the update item at the bottom of the list to select everything.
  7. Click Go to start the RPM package update process. The progress will be displayed on screen and you can click the X to close the window once the update process is complete.
  8. All recent updates will be listed in the Software Update History table.

Updating InterWorx via Command Line

If you are comfortable with your server's command line shell, it is even easier to update InterWorx and the other RPM packages installed on your server.

  1. Log into your server via SSH as root.
  2. Execute the following command:

    yum upgrade
  3. If the packages to be updated looks OK to you, answer Y to start the update.

If you want to upgrade without having to manually type Y once the list of packages to be updated are displayed, you can enter the update command this way:

yum upgrade -y

Be careful with this, because you may not have the ability to safely stop the installation before it starts if you see a package you don't want to update.