Filter Inbound Mail for a Domain if not Scanned by HostDime's Email Filter Service

HostDime's inbound Email Filter service does a great job of removing spam and malware before it reaches your inbox, but spammers are crafty. Some spammers may choose to ignore the actual MX records set for your domain and instead try to deliver their poison directly to your local mail server. However, it is possible for you to fight back against this by setting up a filter to automatically delete email that hasn't been scanned by our service.

Click on the tab below that corresponds to the type of server you have to learn how to set this up.


If you've just signed up for our anti-spam service, do not set up destructive filters for 4-12 hours after the MX record changes are made.

If you set up this filter to delete mail too soon, legitimate mail may be removed because legitimate mail senders have not yet noticed the change.

In addition, depending on your mail server setup and how you set up your mail filtering, it may also delete mail sent from the local server to your domain. You should adjust your filters as appropriate or not set this up at all if that is a concern.

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