Methods for Reporting Spam or Good Email to HostDime's Email Filter Services

When you have HostDime's Email Filter services (inbound, outbound or both), there are several ways you or individual email accounts can report spam that slipped through our net or the rare good mail message (sometimes called "ham") that accidentally got quarantined.

Reporting Spam or Not Spam

There are many ways to manage this, pick your preferred method from one of the tabs below.

You can only report messages as spam or not spam (sometimes referred to as "ham")  that our filtering service has already seen and accidentally let through. Sending mail our service hasn't previously investigated and isn't to/from an email account in the filtered domain will be ignored.

Also, please make sure that a message is actually spam before you report it. A lot of people forget that they signed up for a mailing list or service and then report those messages as spam when they really aren't. If you want to get off a mailing list that you previously signed up for, look for the unsubscribe links near the bottom of the message.

Forward Mail as Attachment Report Spam via Plugin Report Spam or Ham via IMAP as Domain Owner Report Spam or Ham via our Control Panel Report Messages as Spam or Ham in Quarantine Report Spam or Ham on iOS or Android

If you have any issues with our service or have questions not resolved, please feel free to contact us.