Instructions for Visiting Your Colocated Server at HostDime Orlando Data Center

Appointments are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Our data center is staffed 24/7/365. Colocation clients with accounts in good standing and their permitted authorized contacts will have access to our facility during this time. However, in the event of an emergency, access may be restricted.

Before Check In

Please ensure that your technicians are added to "Contacts/Subusers" in your Core account. Colocation clients and permitted Authorization Contacts are not allowed to bring visitors. Any person accompanying a colocation client or permitted authorized contact (ie: friend, spouse, client, etc.) will need to be added as an Authorized Contact prior to arrival and go through our check in process.

Please have the following filled out for each person you intend to have at the data center:

  • Name (First and Last).
  • Government-issued ID number (e.g. Drivers License Number, Passport ID Number, etc.,). This ID used should be brought to the Data Center for positive identification upon arrival. Please ensure that the name and government ID information matches the "Contacts/Subusers" information EXACTLY. Incorrect or missing information will result in access to the data center being denied.
  • Requested date and time.
  • Expected duration (Maximum 6 hours).
  • Specify whether a crash cart will be needed.
  • Specify whether use of the colocation lounge will be needed.

Please note the following enhanced protocols due to COVID-19 regarding access to the data center:

  • We are allowing a maximum of 2 visitors at a time to the data center for work on cabinets.
  • All guests must wear a mask at all times while in the data center.
  • All guests must agree to a non-contact temperature reading prior to entering the facility (temporal body temperature must be below 38° Celsius).
  • All guests must not be exhibiting any flu-like symptoms.
  • All guests must not have visited any high-risk areas or attended high risk events within the last 14 days.
  • All guests must practice safe social distancing while in the data center (6 feet or more).
  • Guest visits may not exceed 6 contiguous hours per visit without prior authorization.

For driving instructions to HostDime's Orlando data center, there's a virtual video to best navigate you to our facility:

During Check In

All Colocation Clients and their permitted Authorized Contacts will be required to check in and out of our facility through our reception area with a member of our NOC staff. Upon initial check in, a HostDime colocation ID badge will be issued. This badge is for colocation identification and easy check-in purposes only. This does not provide door access to the entry points of the facility, but should allow you access to the appropriate areas to service your equipment.

Colocation Amenities

  • Conference Room: We will be happy to allow Colocation Clients and their Permitted Authorized Contacts use of our data center conference room if not already reserved for use. To book the conference room, please submit a ticket through CORE indicating the time and date needed, the length of time needed, as well as the people attending. Everyone attending must be an Authorized Contact under the Colocation Client's account with data center access granted and must be checked in. Please contact us at least 48 hours in advance for conference room reservations. If the conference room is required across multiple consecutive days or for an excessive amount of hours, a charge may apply.
  • Colocation Lounge: All colocation clients and their permitted authorized contacts are free to use our on-site colocation lounge. This lounge includes a test bench to test/troubleshoot hardware, a computer with internet access, refrigerator with cold beverages, and a TV. This is a shared space so be mindful of others who may need to use it.
  • Guest Wi-Fi. Password provided upon request.

After Check In

Data Center Security

HostDime takes our client's security very seriously. Security cameras are located throughout the inside and outside of our facility. Access control vestibules with biometric hand readers are located at all HostDime facility entrances.

All doors within our facility require key card level access. Check in and check out is required for all visitors or clients.

  1. At no point shall any door be propped open and left unattended.
  2. At no point shall a colocation client or permitted authorized contact open a door or attempt to circumvent our security to provide access to a third party who has not been formally checked in.
  3. At no point shall a colocation client or permitted authorized contact open or attempt to open a cabinet other than their own assigned cabinet space or attempt to tamper, alter, or remove hardware, cables, plugs or any other item that is not theirs.
    1. If colocation client or permitted authorized contact is working within a shared colocation cabinet and may have bumped or pulled an incorrect cable to a server, switch, or other piece of hardware that is not theirs, please notify a member of our data center staff immediately.
  4. At no point shall a colocation client or permitted authorized contact attempt to tamper with, alter, adjust, or repair any property not under their ownership. This includes but is not limited to HostDime property, property leased to colocation client by HostDime or other clients' equipment.
  5. At no point shall any attempt be made to circumvent security or fraudulently attain access to or interfere with any of our networks, internal systems, access points, etc.
  6. Colocation Clients and Permitted Authorized Contacts shall not attempt to purposely shield themselves from our camera's view or attempt to interfere with any of our camera operations.

General Use of Space 

  • Colocation Client and Permitted Authorized Contacts are to maintain order and cleanliness during their use of our data center facilities.
  • Any waste materials such as boxes, packaging peanuts, paper, food wrappers, soda bottles and other materials considered waste must be disposed of in their proper receptacles which may be located inside or outside of the facility. At no point shall waste materials be left in any area of our data center facilities.
  • There is no smoking inside our data center facility; this includes electronic cigarettes or similar.
  • There is absolutely no eating or drinking in any area of our facility other than the colocation lounge or conference room. Food or drink is strictly prohibited on the data center floors.
  • Weapons of any kind are prohibited inside our facility.
  • Illegal Drugs and alcohol are prohibited inside our facility.
  • Photography and filming of any area within or directly outside our facility is prohibited.
  • Colocation Client and permitted authorized contacts must safely configure, operate, and maintain their equipment. Always check and adhere to manufacturer specifications. If unsafe conditions are found, a request to remedy the situation will be issued. If the situation is not remedied in a reasonable amount of time, we reserve the right to remedy the situation ourselves and shut down/remove any unsafe equipment. HostDime will not be responsible for any damage or loss of revenue by shutting down unsafe equipment.


  • Any equipment brought in by the Colocation Client or Permitted Authorized Contact will be inventoried and documented. This includes servers, switches, and firewalls, PDU's.
  • All colocation clients are required to bring their own server rails and screws. If rails are not brought, colocation clients can purchase a set of our Universal Rails for an additional charge.
  • All equipment must be properly racked and secured per the manufacturer specifications. Under no circumstances should equipment be resting on other equipment. (ie: a server properly racked and secured in the middle of the cabinet with other servers simply resting on top putting their weight on that one server and it's rails/ears.)
  • The Colocation Client will be responsible for any damage to HostDime property if resulted from incorrect or poorly secured equipment installations.
  • Colocation Clients with quarter cabinets, half cabinets, and full cabinets are required to bring their own switches, Ethernet and power cords, PDU's, and other necessary hardware, screws, or tools to properly set up their cabinet space.
  • All colocation clients and their authorized contacts are expected to maintain order and proper labels within their colocation space.

Removal of Equipment

  • Colocation clients and permitted authorized contacts may remove equipment so long as there are no unpaid invoices against the account. If an invoice is unpaid, we reserve the right to refuse access to and removal of equipment.
  • Removal of equipment is not a cancellation of services and in order to avoid future billing, the colocation client must submit a formal cancellation request from within the CORE Client Portal.
  • Upon removal of equipment, a Colocation Equipment Removal Form will need to be completed. This form ensures that the colocation client and HostDime have properly documented the safe and secure removal of our colocation client's hardware from our data center.