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How to Use “Edit DNS Zone”

Edit DNS Zone allows you full access to the DNS Zone file for each domain hosted on your VPS or Dedicated server. WIth the information from this article you will have a better understanding of DNS records and how to utilize Edit DNS Zone.

How to use Advanced DNS Zone Editor

Advanced DNS Zone Editor is a more powerful version of Simple DNS Zone Editor available upon request to our Business Hosting and Reseller clients. With this information you should know if Advanced DNS Zone Editor is a perfect fit for your DNS needs.

FTP over TLS – FileZilla

Support of clear text authentication will be disabled. This means that FTP clients need to be set up to use FTP over TLS.

How to use Simple DNS Zone Editor

This documentation will provide you with information on DNS records and, how to utilize cPanel's Simple DNS Zone Editor.

How to Restore Backups using WHM

This article will detail the steps necessary to restore an account through WHM for VPS and Dedicated Server Clients.

How to install Scripts in Softaculous

How to install Scripts in Softaculous.

Login to your cPanel
Choose Your Script
Fill in the Installation Details
Benefits of installing through Softaculous.

cPanel’s Paper Lantern Theme with Retro Style’s Effect on Webmail

There is a difference with the webmail interface when you use the Paper Lantern Theme with Retro Style. Here's how to switch back to Basic style.

How To Open Ports in CSF

This is a step-by-step guide on how to properly utilize and manipulate CSF (ConfigServer Security & Firewall) to open ports on your server.

How to Take a Screenshot

This article shows clients how to take a screenshot based on different operating systems.

How To Clear Your Local DNS Cache

This article explains how to clear your local DNS cache based on your operating system.

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