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Useful CSF SSH Command Line Commands (CSF Cheat Sheet)

This article a list of some of the commonly used commands for CSF administration along with a description of each command and an example of their use. This article also covers whitelisting.

Generate Your Own Self-Signed SSL Certificate in WHM

Allows a user to generate a self-signed SLL Certificate in WHM

Checking for SMTP Blocking

A guide on how to check for SMTP blocking.

(Telnet) How to check if port 25 is blocked

This article covers checking port 25 and 26 for possible blocks from your ISP.

Registering Custom DNS Nameservers for Your Domain Registered with Godaddy

A step-by-step guide to registering custom DNS nameservers at GoDaddy.

Change WordPress Site URL Via phpMyAdmin

How to change your WordPress installation’s site URL in the event you no longer have access to the previous domain name.

Creating Reseller Accounts via cPanel WHM (VPS or Dedicated Servers)

A detailed overview of the cPanel/WHM Reseller Account options.

Xen Error: Signed Integer is Greater than Maximum

How to solve the Xen Error: signed integer is greater than maximum

Updating MySQL Pre-4.1 Password Hashes to be MySQL 5.6 Compatible

Users with old sites, or servers that had "old_passwords" enabled in MySQL still used the old style of password hash. The more complex hashing process was the default method of after MySQL version 4.1, but it was not until MySQL 5.6 that there was a strict requirement to use the newer hash type. Because of this strictly enforced requirement, it is now mandatory to use the new style of password hash and rightly so given how insecure the old style is.

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