HostDime Server Tools

HostDime is committed to providing clients everything necessary to quickly and easily manage every aspect of your server.


DNS Tool

This DNS tool allows you to look up any and all DNS information about a particular domain. We store cached previous lookups in our cache so that you can see how they have changed over time.


Proxy Tool

The HostDime Internal Proxy is a service that will allow you to view websites hosted in the HostDime network from an external source.


SSL Tools

These SSL Tools allow you to manage and diagnose many common SSL issues. Look up an SSL Certificate, Decode a Certificate Signing Request, Decode a Certificate, or generate a Certificate Signing Request.


RAID Calculator

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a method to integrate multiple disks into a single array to achieve different performance goals. RAID options are available with the purchase of any dedicated server. Use our RAID calculation tool to compare or configure RAID options and drive sizes to increase your server's performance!


CORE Developer API

For developers and programmers, HostDime has created a simple API for Core that allows you to access and control your services via a wide variety of actions.