Singularity Swift Object Storage

Singularity is HostDime’s Swift object storage system that runs on our server hardware. Upload and store objects of practically any size with the simple open-source API.


Singularity is HostDime’s Swift object storage software which allows you to store and extract an unlimited amount of data efficiently and securely.

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  • Backup and archive unstructured data, such as documents, images, audio and video files, email and virtual machine images.
  • Bulk-delete up to 10,000 objects in a single request, or schedule objects for deletion at a later date.
  • Auto extract archive files.
  • Objects can be uploaded directly from your browser with the open source API.
  • Objects are written to multiple drives for complete redundancy.

Built For Scale

Serve your content right from the storage system or by a Content Delivery Network. Files are uploaded via HTTP, allowing for the system to act as a CDN for high availability. Load your objects to all CDN points of presence so your users can see your content as quickly as possible. Only pay for the storage you are using. Flexible storage options allow you to scale your business on demand.

Singularity Pricing
Singularity Storage 0.000137 gb/hr
Singularity Outgoing Bandwidth 0.10 gb

This product is self-service and basic management. Please click here for more information.