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HostDime's Network Topology

Our network is powered by Brocade routers, Juniper & Cisco switches. The network utilizes redundant edge and core routers to distribute network connectivity to our Juniper & Cisco 10G access switches to every rack . This redundant design allows for maximum resilience and reliability. Coupled with Tier 1 network providers our network is one of the most reputable and reliable in South East USA.

Network Infrastructure

Tier 1 network providers in our Enterprise Data Center Facility

  • level3 screen shot
  • Level3 is the largest and most well connected network in USA also is one of the most well connected in Europe.
  • cogent communications screen shot
  • Cogent's superior network architecture and virtually unlimited bandwidth enable us to offer impressive network performance.
  • comcast network map screen shot
  • Comcast's high-speed, high-capacity fiber optic internet operates across our vast and constantly growing Hybrid Fiber-Coax network, with more than 145,000 miles of fiber.
  • telefonica screen shot
  • Telefonica is one of the original networks to have heavily invested in South American countries. Still is the leader today.
  • nap screen shot
  • NAP in Miami is one of the most well connected POP's in USA for peering, being connected here is strictly performance enhancement.
  • ntt screen shot
  • NTT is one of the most well connected networks in Asia, their network gives great routes to the other side of the world.