Written by March 26, 2024

Hyper edge data centers, especially when they are purpose-built, dramatically reduce latency, enhance service speed, and enable real-time data processing for a variety of critical applications.

Written by March 6, 2024

DDoS protection is no longer an optional add-on but a fundamental component of a business’s cybersecurity posture. HostDime is here to help, with one of the most DDoS protected networks in the infrastructure industry.

Written by February 27, 2024

Enjoy a hand-picked directory of the best 2024 cloud computing and data center conferences, trade shows, and events relevant to this great industry of ours.

Written by February 20, 2024

This article highlights specific differences between next-gen, purpose-built data centers and typical retrofitted facilities, and provides examples on how we’re building these data centers for the needs of modern day consumption and the evolving technology landscape.

Written by January 2, 2024

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn has abandoned its efforts to fully migrate its data center infrastructure to Azure, opting for a hybrid cloud model instead. This should help LinkedIn in the short and long term, and serves as a valuable case study for large enterprises contemplating cloud migration.

Written by December 19, 2023

Kubernetes serve as an incredibly efficient platform for deploying large-scale workloads, particularly on bare metal servers. We explore the many benefits and use cases of deploying Kubernetes on bare metal.

Written by November 14, 2023

AWS Outposts, deployed at HostDime’s Orlando data center, is ideal in facilitating compute-intensive workloads like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that require low latency and large amounts of data.

Written by November 6, 2023

Arelion today announced a new Point-of-Presence (PoP) at global edge data center provider HostDime’s Guadalajara, Mexico carrier-neutral facility.

Written by October 11, 2023

HostDime’s high density data centers provide unparalleled support for AI/ML/HPC workloads, boasting power density of up to 100kW per rack.

Written by October 4, 2023

As data continues to grow in its importance and demand, how we manage and distribute this data has become an essential question for enterprises worldwide. The next frontier in our digital age is unmistakably the edge, specifically edge data centers.

Written by September 22, 2023

In our digital era, data is gold. But just how do you ensure that your “gold” is safely locked away and always available to access? Enter HostDime’s Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS), powered by Veeam.

Written by September 7, 2023

Server security is vitally important for businesses to avoid exposing sensitive data and protecting themselves against viruses.