Written by January 2, 2022

Here’s some easy server maintenance steps for clients to ensure everything continues running as smooth as possible.

Written by December 6, 2021

Say Hello to Spot, the Boston Dynamics robot dog and HostDime’s newest four legged team member! The autonomous and agile all-terrain robot is currently in use at the HostDime data center construction site in Eatonville, Central Florida.

Written by December 1, 2021

HostDime’s mission is to design, build, and operate next-gen, public data centers in emerging markets worldwide. As a rule, we purpose built these data centers to achieve Tier IV standards. Here’s why.

Written by November 16, 2021

HostDime is excited to announce another addition to its purpose-built, next-gen, public data center portfolio with the purchase of a three-acre land parcel in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Written by October 29, 2021

A business must take stock of their server capacity and be sure it scales for peak events. Here’s how to scale website for high traffic surges.

Written by October 28, 2021

The One Wilshire Meet Me Room in downtown Los Angeles, California is not just any network interconnection hub, it is THE network interconnection hub, with over 300 ISPs and tens of thousands of cross-connections.

Written by October 18, 2021

HostDime is always hiring at our data center in Orlando, Florida, and our locations worldwide. Here’s our current list of open job positions.

Written by September 30, 2021

HostDime is proud to sponsor Orlando-based youth soccer academy FC Highland to build the next generation of student-athletes.

Written by September 17, 2021

This article highlights specific differences between built-from-scratch data centers and converted facilities, and provides examples on how HostDime is building these purpose-built data centers for the needs of the next generation.

Written by September 9, 2021

HostDime has released the new generation of OS templates on our public cloud for consumption. These include CentOS Stream, CentOS 8, Rocky Linux, and AlmaLinux; they are all available at our cloud infrastructure in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.

Written by September 1, 2021

HostDime’s Miami colocation connection provides a cost-effective enterprise solution for your business with virtually no impact on latency.

Written by August 30, 2021

The shift to online banking is here, and financial organizations must be highly secure and available. Financial services must pick a colocation data center that has the necessary compliance for handling their sensitive and mission-critical workloads.