Written by May 5, 2022

Enjoy a hand-picked directory of the best 2022 cloud computing and data center conferences, trade shows, and events relevant to this great industry of ours.

Written by April 22, 2022

HostDime has announced the start of construction of a solar power plant to support the entirety of its purpose-built data center in João Pessoa, Brazil.

Written by April 17, 2022

Take an inside look at HostDime’s green data center initiatives that include cleaner generators, roof solar panels, hot aisle containment, and 100% electronic equipment recycling.

Written by April 12, 2022

Let’s go over some common questions regarding RAID and see what the best RAID configuration is for your server.

Written by March 29, 2022

Enjoy increased agility, scalability, and improved cost-efficiency over traditional backup services by extending availability and backing up your server to the cloud.

Written by March 24, 2022

To match the high bandwidth and low latency demand of 5G gaming, cloud gaming companies must connect to as many PoPs as possible.

Written by March 16, 2022

One of the most important decisions for an enterprise is choosing a data center that meets their needs. Unfortunately, not all data centers are created equal. The following guide should steer you the right way.

Written by March 1, 2022

Today is World Backup Day, which always precedes April Fools Day to remind you that only fools don’t have a data back up and recovery plan.

Written by February 28, 2022

Hardware as a Service makes owning a server easier than ever. Mixing renting and colocation provides the most flexible deal for your needs and a price point that works for your business.

Written by February 18, 2022

It has become a necessity for healthcare providers to move their infrastructure and outsource it to a HIPAA compliant data center.

Written by February 4, 2022

Carrier neutral data centers are facilities that allow interconnectivity between multiple telecommunication carriers and colocation providers. Choosing a carrier neutral data center is a necessity for enterprises with mission-critical operations that can’t afford an outage.

Written by February 3, 2022

The HostDime team often gets requests asking if our infrastructure is PCI compliant, and therefore whether our clients can configure their servers to be PCI compliant. The answer to both inquiries is YES!