Written by August 16, 2022

Sucuri is the industry leader in website security. They offer a website firewall service to stop hacking attempts, with the added bonus of a CDN that can speed up your website by 70 percent.

Written by August 15, 2022

Enjoy a hand-picked directory of the best 2022 cloud computing and data center conferences, trade shows, and events relevant to this great industry of ours.

Written by August 11, 2022

Florida offers a unique benefit in our interconnected, global economy. Think of Florida as a high speed fiber bridge that connects the Americas, the Caribbean, and Europe via 10 submarine cable landing points.

Written by August 9, 2022

India’s initiatives like data localization and smart cities will result in a data growth that will require the help of edge data centers.

Written by August 3, 2022

HostDime’s Mac Mini colocation service is the marriage between your Mac Mini hardware and our state-of-the-art Orlando data center.

Written by August 2, 2022

The next generation of server and site monitoring is here! HostDime is proud to offer the powerful uptime tracker 360 Monitoring to our clients.

Written by July 14, 2022

HostDime is excited to announce another addition to its purpose-built, next-gen, public data center portfolio with the purchase of a three-acre land parcel in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Written by June 24, 2022

This article highlights specific differences between next-gen, purpose-built data centers and typical retrofitted facilities, and provides examples on how we’re building these data centers for the needs of modern day consumption and the evolving technology landscape.

Written by June 9, 2022

51% of North American data center space is now outsourced. There is a distinct competitive advantage of having colocation infrastructure behind your products and services versus on-premises data centers.

Written by June 7, 2022

Server security is vitally important for businesses to avoid exposing sensitive data and protecting themselves against viruses.

Written by June 3, 2022

If you’re looking to make a worthwhile investment for your enterprise by purchasing your own hardware over leasing, trust HostDime and our hardware lifetime warranty.

Written by June 1, 2022

HostDime is always hiring at our data center in Orlando, Florida, and our locations worldwide. Here’s our current list of open job positions.