Written by September 20, 2017

On behalf of the entire team at HostDime US, we want to thank everyone who reached out to us with positive thoughts and wishes for our well-being during Hurricane Irma.

Written by September 19, 2017

HostDime continues to be an industry leader in the worldwide data center market with colocation options now available in 11 data centers around the globe.

Written by September 7, 2017

For some businesses, not having a disaster recovery plan can be lethal. One out of every two businesses never return after a data disaster. Businesses that survive and thrive have a response to disaster BEFORE it happens.

Written by September 5, 2017

We will be staffed and available during the storm to handle any issues that arise, and have tested and verified all of our emergency infrastructure.

Written by August 30, 2017

Enjoy a constantly updated directory of the best 2017 cloud computing and data center conferences, trade shows, and events.

Written by August 23, 2017

Beginning October 2017, your website will receive a warning if your non-secure pages contain password or credit card input fields. The warning will be in the form of a “Not Secure” red alert in your URL bar.

Written by August 21, 2017

HostDime’s Miami colocation connection provides a cost-effective enterprise solution for your business with virtually no impact on latency.

Written by August 10, 2017

While there are many virtualization options to choose from, let’s examine and differentiate between two more common types: KVM and OpenVZ.

Written by August 4, 2017

A fast loading website is essential in e-commerce. One potential speed advantage lies in your server’s physical location in relation to your target market.

Written by July 26, 2017

Everything you wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask, regarding dedicated IP addresses.

Written by July 24, 2017

HostDime.com held a grand opening for it’s newest data center facility in João Pessoa, Brazil on Friday July 14, 2017.

Written by July 11, 2017

Net neutrality is the principal that ISPs and governments should treat all Internet data equally. Join HostDime today in support of net neutrality!