Average DDoS Attack Cost Businesses Half a Million Dollars in 2023

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In light of the escalating threat landscape, recent findings from Zayo Group, a leading global communications infrastructure provider, underscore the critical necessity for DDoS protection for businesses worldwide.

Zayo Group’s bi-annual Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Insights Report, released last month, reveals a significant uptick in both the intensity of DDoS attacks and their consequential impacts on businesses during the latter half of 2023.

The data from Zayo is particularly alarming: the average DDoS attack now lasts 68 minutes. For organizations lacking adequate protection, the financial repercussions are severe, with costs averaging $6,000 per minute of attack. This culminates in an astonishing average total cost of $408,000 for businesses suffering from DDoS attacks.


The Need for DDoS Protection for Businesses

This data underscores the heightened urgency for robust DDoS protection. The financial implications alone present a compelling case for businesses to invest in comprehensive cybersecurity measures, including advanced DDoS mitigation strategies.

The Zayo Group’s report not only sheds light on the increasing frequency and sophistication of DDoS attacks but also serves as a stark reminder of the tangible, devastating effects these attacks can have on businesses—effects that extend beyond immediate financial losses to include long-term reputational damage and operational disruptions.

DDoS protection is no longer an optional add-on but a fundamental component of a business’s cybersecurity posture. The reality is that the cost of implementing effective DDoS protection pales in comparison to the potential losses from a single attack, making it a wise and necessary investment for ensuring business continuity, protecting customer trust, and maintaining operational efficiency in an increasingly hostile digital environment.


HostDime’s DDoS Attack Mitigation Services

Now, bare metal server and colocation owners will have the ability to protect themselves better than ever thanks to HostDime’s secure network, which is among the most DDoS protected in the infrastructure industry. That’s because we offer three types of DDoS protection: NETSCOUT’s local inline mitigation, a cloud-based traffic scrubbing service, and a combination of the two.


HostDime’s Inline DDoS Protection

HostDime’s inline DDoS protection is a hardware-based monitoring and mitigation set-up situated directly within our data center. This inline approach filters out malicious traffic on-premises, allowing only legitimate traffic to reach your server. This method has significant advantages:

  • Reduced Latency: Since the process is handled within the data center, there is no detour of traffic to external cleaning centers, ensuring end users experience no added latency.
  • Enhanced Security: Keeping traffic within the data center eliminates the risk of interception or vulnerabilities that can arise when traffic is sent to third-party cleaning services.
  • Intelligent Learning: HostDime’s hardware is designed to learn and adapt to “normal” traffic patterns for your server, improving its ability to distinguish between legitimate traffic and DDoS attacks.

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HostDime’s DDoS Cloud Scrubbing

In addition to inline mitigation, HostDime offers DDoS Cloud Scrubbing, an IP routing service where traffic is thoroughly examined and cleaned before being rerouted to the enterprise network via Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) tunnels. This process acts as a powerful safety net, ensuring that in the event of a large-scale DDoS attack, your critical infrastructure remains protected. The cloud scrubbing operates as a private point-to-point link, offering another layer of security and redundancy.

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HostDime’s Hybrid DDoS Protection

Lastly, for businesses looking for comprehensive coverage, HostDime provides Hybrid DDoS Protection, combining the best aspects of inline hardware protection with the added security of cloud scrubbing. This setup ensures immediate detection and mitigation of both large and complex DDoS attacks, with the cloud scrubbing ensuring that clean traffic continues to reach your site even under attack.

DDoS attacks pose a significant threat to businesses of all sizes, making effective protection measures critical. HostDime’s innovative DDoS protection solutions offer businesses peace of mind with reduced latency, enhanced security, and superior uptime. Whether through inline DDoS protection, cloud scrubbing, or a hybrid approach, HostDime ensures your business remains resilient in the face of DDoS threats, allowing you to focus on growth and operations without the looming fear of digital disruptions.