Enterprise DDoS Protection

As a valued client on HostDime's secure network, your sites will be among the most DDoS protected in the industry.


Over 7,000 Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks occur each and every day, hurting businesses with hours of downtime and potentially millions of dollars. A DDoS attack on one customer can put many more at risk, therefore you must feel protected by your infrastructure provider. Many companies offer DDoS mitigation, but they are limited to large volumetric and application-layer attacks. Now, dedicated server and colocation owners will have the ability to protect themselves from any attack, no matter the size.

HostDime offers three types of DDoS protection: cloud-based traffic scrubbing, Arbor Network’s local inline mitigation, and Hybrid Cloud Protection. With Arbor, their appliance sits within our facility for inline protection. When the Arbor appliance detects irregular traffic, our team moves the affected subnet and begins filtering. With our Cloud Scrubbing service, ALL traffic gets filtered through one of our various GRE tunnels. Our Hybrid DDoS is unique for it's performance based, "always on" protection. Read on for a more in-depth look at the differences for each service.

  Inline DDoS Protection Cloud DDoS Protection Hybrid Cloud Protection
Filtering type Inline filtering GRE filtering GRE filtering
Added latency No added latency Minimal added latency No added latency, except in protection mode
Always On monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Protection & Mitigation No Yes Yes
Performance Based Yes No Yes
Maximum Attack filtering capacity 10Gbps 100Gbps 100Gbps
Required network Any IP can be protected Designated IPs required Designated IPs required
Additional Network Configuration Required for existing clients No Yes, IP change would be required Yes, IP change would be required
How is it controlled? Controlled via ticket only Can be controlled via ticket or by client via BGP Can be controlled via ticket or by client via BGP
How much clean traffic do you get? Unlimited clean traffic Clean traffic based on bandwidth commit Clean traffic based on bandwidth commit
Filtering Cost: Starting at $75.00/mo per server $100.00/mo
per /29 (or 5 IPs)
per /29 (or 5 IPs)

Whichever you choose, enjoy superior uptime, uninterrupted data center access, and piece of mind regarding network security threats.

Inline Enterprise DDoS Protection

HostDime’s Enterprise Hardware DDoS Protection service is backed by the market leader in network security, Arbor Networks. The enterprise-grade Arbor PeakFlow SP appliance system is utilized by major ISPs such as NTT, TATA, British Telecom and others, which allows HostDime to protect its network against both volumetric and application-layer attacks. HostDime clients can better protect their critical services such as mail, httpd, DNS, and applications such as video, voice, and E-commerce to increase their bottom line.

illustration 1 illustration 2

HostDime’s Enterprise Hardware DDoS protection is inline, actually within the data center, so you notice little-to-no added latency even when mitigation is actively taking place. With reverse proxy mitigation, your traffic is exported to a 3rd party provider then re-routed back to your host once it’s been cleaned. There’s none of that with this service. Your legitimate, as well as illegitimate traffic, comes into the same place on our network and the attack traffic is filtered out, leaving only legitimate traffic flowing to and from your server.

Once a server is placed behind our DDoS Protection hardware, it begins to learn “normal” traffic patterns and then can more aptly detect anomaly traffic and begin filtering, if needed. Apart from the learned behavior of the hardware itself, HostDime Network Engineers can also create custom rulesets to filter any known global threats. Arbor provides HostDime with real-time insight to known global threats using their ATLAS (Active Threat Level Analysis System) program.

Monthly Subscriptions

Free DDoS monitoring 24/7/365, Incoming - Outgoing

  • 1Gbps Attack Protection $75.00/monthPurchase
  • 3Gbps Attack Protection $150.00/monthPurchase
  • 5Gbps Attack Protection $300.00/monthPurchase

Custom Configuration

Excess of 5Gbps Attack Mitigation $0.50 per 1Mbps

5Gbps Mitigation $300.00 per month package
Receives 6Gbps attack
Pays 1Gbps difference $0.50/Mbps = +$500.00

On Demand

Free DDoS Monitoring 24/7/365, Incoming - Outgoing

  • 1Gbps Attack Mitigation $75.00/dayPurchase
  • 3Gbps Attack Mitigation $150.00/dayPurchase
  • 5Gbps Attack Mitigation $300.00/dayPurchase

Custom Configuration

Excess of 5Gbps Attack Mitigation $0.50 per 1Mbps

5Gbps Mitigation $300.00 per month package
Receives 6Gbps attack
Pays 1Gbps difference $0.50/Mbps = +$500.00

Using Arbor's PeakFlow device, HostDime's Network Engineers can determine:

  • Where traffic on HostDime's network is coming from and where it is going to
  • What routes that traffic is taking
  • What interfaces and devices are most heavily used on HostDime's network
  • Who the Top Talkers are on HostDime's network
  • What the short term and long term traffic trends are
  • What the current and future traffic forecast is

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Cloud DDoS Protection

HostDime’s Cloud DDoS Protection is a IP routing service; all traffic is examined and filtered, then the cleaned traffic is forwarded to our enterprise network via our four Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) tunnels. This “security cloud” is a private point-to-point link between network nodes, and acts as our safety net against a large DDoS attack. With this protection, all of your critical infrastructure is protected, including your website, email, and FTP.

Traffic Scrubbing

Every single IP routed through us is protected against all types of DDoS attacks. Our always active service uses network sensor devices to instantly see when a suspicious pattern occurs. Traffic toward that IP is then redirected for mitigation in our security cloud. Redirection stops within minutes after the attack ends. This method does result in minimal additional latency for our clients.

Global Scrubbing Centers

HostDime’s DDoS protected GRE tunnels can clean an attack up to 100Gbps, an impressive amount of scrubbing power. Protect your enterprise up to 100Gbps for $100 a month per /29 or 5 usable IPs. Currently, only dedicated server and colocation clients can take advantage of this service.

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Hybrid Cloud Protection

Get the best of both worlds with HostDime's Hybrid Cloud Protection, a performance based option with "always on" protection. This unique set-up detects and acts immediately against all sorts of large and complex attacks. When disruption occurs, clean traffic still gets through thanks to the cloud scrubbing. Best of all, there is no latency unless there is an attack.

Global Scrubbing Centers

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