All of HostDime's global data centers remain operational as usual. We are considered a critical infrastructure industry, as defined by the US Department of Homeland Security. This means that our data center operators remain available and ready to help. We have moved all non-site-essential staff to remote work and have moved our critical site staff to segmented remote work rotation to minimize facility access and cross-contact risk as much as possible. We applaud our on site staff and all other IT workers who are playing an essential role in helping businesses stay online during this massive shift to a remote work place. Our sales team is also still available during normal working business hours ready to help with any of our products and services as usual.

Cleaning is being doubled up and we are providing an environment that our staff can be confident is safe for them to work in. For colocation clients we have restricted access to our facilities based upon the markets community transfer risk. We will continue to provide notifications for facility specific access closure or status changes. We ask that clients try to limit their remote hands requests to critical issues only as much as possible to allow staff to focus on critical issues as quickly as possible. We appreciate the continued support of our team, our clients, and our partners. We are united with everyone making a big effort to fight this pandemic.

Manage Your Server Remotely with IPMI

HostDime's bare metal servers come integrated with IPMI for FREE.

What is IPMI?

HostDime’s bare metal servers feature Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) so your server can be managed REMOTELY from anywhere in the world. IPMI is included at no additional charge.

IPMI, created by Supermicro, is a piece of hardware that is added directly into the server's motherboard and your client portal CORE. Unlike many server providers that require a hardware key or software, all of our motherboards include dedicated KVM-over-IP functionality for REMOTE functionality and reboot capability. Even if your server is off and/or unresponsive, you can still use IPMI to access KVM via network connection to the hardware.

How IPMI works

IPMI Benefits

Hands-on demand tools are the key to management efficiency. Remotely reboot your machine on the fly in your CORE client panel, from anywhere in the world, without the need to contact us.

  • Built into CORE for easy access/management
  • Remote reboot, power on/off instantly to avoid costly downtimes
  • Remote recovery capabilities (using the existing LAN connection) regardless of system state
  • Hardware health monitoring that aids predictive failure analysis
  • Independent of server, standalone, always available
  • Reduces Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) by allowing ‘diagnose-before-dispatch’
  • IPMI works with any OS
  • Dedicated KVM over IP on demand 24x7
  • Lowers your management costs as it’s free with all our bare metal servers!

HostDime is constantly committed to offering the latest in managed dedicated server technology like IPMI. For any questions you may have, feel free to open a live chat or ticket in CORE.