Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation during the on-going situation. All of HostDime's global data centers have continued to remain operational. As we continue to work toward returning to more normal operations we are happy to announce that our Orlando data center will be expanding Colocation appointment-only access. Starting October 1st at 10:00 am EDT we will begin scheduling multiple clients simultaneously where reasonable to maintain social distancing. We will also be re-opening our Colocation lounge and conference room reservations at this time.

To schedule an appointment for our Orlando data center please open a ticket via your CORE portal and our Data Center Operations team will work with you to schedule access.

We applaud our on-site staff and all other IT workers who are playing an essential role in helping businesses stay online during this situation. Our sales team remains available during normal working business hours ready to help with any of our products and services as usual. We will continue to provide notifications for facility specific access closure or status changes as we progress toward returning to normal operations. We sincerely appreciate the continued support from our team, our clients, and our partners as we remain united with everyone working to recover from this pandemic.

HostDime Mexico Cloud

Scalable Mexico Cloud Servers on HostDime's highly available infrastructure.

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Instantly Scalable

Create Cloud Servers in seconds! Scale CPU, RAM, and disk space as your needs change. Only pay for the resources you use. Provision and augment computing resources on the fly, no reboot required.

Highly Available

Our Mexico Cloud excels at data durability, redundancy, and near perfect uptime! Fully redundant hypervisors feature automatic failover! On-demand backup allows you to clone your server with snapshots.

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Select a Data Center

Choose the Data Center closest to your target audience to provide your users the fastest experience possible.

Select a Cloud Option

Cloud VPS service

Customize Your Cloud


Here is a breakdown of the differences between our different management tiers.

With Self Management, you'll be responsible for all of the management and maintenance of your Cloud Server. Self Managed clients may purchase support services a la carte in the future.

Free up time, money, and resources by letting us handle your server maintenance. Some benefits of the Managed Tier include assistance with control panel and backups, abuse support, and uptime monitoring.

Receive everything in the Managed Tier, and enjoy more admin hours, faster human response time, and benefits like service monitoring, advanced LAMP and WIMA stack support, and solutions architect advisories.

Receive everything in the Managed and Full Managed Tiers, and enjoy additional benefits like real-time resource monitoring, proactive security review, backup verification, and your own dedicated account manager.

Control Panel

Control panels reduce the time spent on server tasks.

The advantage of a control panel outweighs the cost. However, if you are an expert at server management, you may choose this option for full root access to your Cloud Server.

Operating System



$0 Monthly Cost

$0 Hourly Cost

Chat with us to create a custom quote for your specific needs.

The Monthly Cost estimate is the Hourly Rate estimate multiplied by 730 hours.

The Monthly Cost estimate is based on this number and is not additional.

Linux-based VPS include 2GB swap billed $0.30 per month ($0.00041096 per hour).

You are able to remove/modify swap once the VM is deployed.

1 IP address allocated per account. Additional VMs need to purchase additional IP Addresses.

Get Your Cloud Server up in Seconds

Instant Virtual Machines icon

Simply choose your Operating System, virtual resources, hostname, and password and we'll take care of the rest.

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Add or cancel your Cloud Server easily and remotely with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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Use your Cloud Server for software development, tests, or deployment of mission-critical applications.

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Why Choose HostDime Mexico Cloud?

The Ultimate Infrastructure as a Service Combination.

  • Fully customizable Cloud Servers
  • Pre-configured Cloud Servers
  • NO data egress fees for initial 10TB of outbound traffic
  • Choose from many OS templates or load your own OS
  • Restore, delete, and convert backups via snapshots
  • Smart servers (hybrid cloud/dedicated) - COMING SOON!
  • Global compute cloud & CDN - COMING SOON!

What does a Mexico Cloud Server Include?

  • Elastic resources (storage, computing, RAM)
  • One IPv4 Address (IPv6 Address Available Upon Request)
  • 10TB monthly bandwidth
  • Self service tools directly in your CORE account
  • Restart, stop, delete, and cancel buttons
  • VNC access
  • Real-time statistics and activity monitoring

For more information, read the HostDime Mexico Cloud FAQ

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