All of HostDime's global data centers remain operational as usual. We are considered a critical infrastructure industry, as defined by the US Department of Homeland Security. This means that our data center operators remain available and ready to help. We have moved all non-site-essential staff to remote work and have moved our critical site staff to segmented remote work rotation to minimize facility access and cross-contact risk as much as possible. We applaud our on site staff and all other IT workers who are playing an essential role in helping businesses stay online during this massive shift to a remote work place. Our sales team is also still available during normal working business hours ready to help with any of our products and services as usual.

Cleaning is being doubled up and we are providing an environment that our staff can be confident is safe for them to work in. For colocation clients we have restricted access to our facilities based upon the markets community transfer risk. We will continue to provide notifications for facility specific access closure or status changes. We ask that clients try to limit their remote hands requests to critical issues only as much as possible to allow staff to focus on critical issues as quickly as possible. We appreciate the continued support of our team, our clients, and our partners. We are united with everyone making a big effort to fight this pandemic.

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InterWorx Licenses

HostDime partners with InterWorx to provide licenses at unbeatable prices.

Control Your Server with InterWorx

InterWorx, a popular control panel which has been around for over 15 years, includes everything you need to manage your server, email, websites, and domains. The simple, mobile-friendly interface features a plugin system with many applications and supports multiple user and admin accounts. Features include server clustering, high availability, one-click backups, and everything else you'd expect to manage one website or thousands.

HostDime is an official InterWorx license distributor. We offer both external (for servers outside our data center) and internal (for infrastructure leased in our data center) InterWorx licenses at a price you won't find anywhere else.

Purchase Now

Revert Your cPanel Price Increase by Switching to InterWorx

ATTENTION CPANEL CLIENTS: cPanel recently implemented an account based pricing model that may have resulted in a substantial price increase. If that is the case, HostDime will offer you the same price you were previously paying for cPanel when migrating to InterWorx. If you maintain the same server hardware, we will give you an InterWorx license for what you had been paying for cPanel. This is a limited time offer, restrictions apply.

Make an educated financial decision based on your business model to see if you would like to stick with the new cPanel price, or move over to InterWorx. Typically, clients save $25 each month compared to their cPanel price, so if you plan on keeping your server for awhile, the switch could save you some serious money. The option is up to you and if you would like more information on savings, feel free to chat with us.

Migrate Accounts from Other Servers to InterWorx

If you have accounts you need to move from a Linux server with another control panel to your server with InterWorx, there are several tools designed to make this process easy. We have extensive step-by-step resources to help you migrate from your cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, or InterWorx server to a HostDime InterWorx server. We offer data migration services for a fee or you can also do it yourself at no charge.

If you already have an InterWorx server with HostDime, chat with us. if you require any help you with your data migration. Our experts will take the hassle out of this process.