Mexico Network

HostDime Mexico's network features leading Tier 1 bandwidth providers to reach 95% of homes in Mexico at the lowest latency.

All HostDime global data centers utilize Tier 1 providers who consistently deliver the highest bandwidth quality across the globe.

HostDime Mexico’s network features multiple Gigabit fiber and redundant connections that run into our data center facility. Our network design results in high performance routing within Mexico to reach 95% of all homes at the lowest latency. Services in Mexico include colocation, cloud servers, and dedicated servers, all physically located in Mexico.

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Our network features the leading Mexico bandwidth providers including:

Cogent's superior network architecture and virtually unlimited bandwidth enable us to offer impressive network performance.

MetroCarrier is a member of the Megacable group and is a Mexican cable operator and provider of ISP services, located in Guadalajara. Megacable provides service to 250 cities in Mexico.

Total Play provides coverage across 20 Mexico cities. The telecom supplies solutions for corporations operating in hospitality, education, financial, and commercial sectors, as well as government agencies.

As important as our equipment is, the qualified individuals who build, maintain, and service each aspect of our infrastructure from the servers to the network, to the internal software systems are who really makes HostDime stand above those in our industry.

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