Written by November 8, 2016

Everything you have come to expect from an enterprise environment can now be done in HostDime’s reliable, robust, and scalable OpenStack cloud ecosystem.

Written by October 27, 2016

cPanel has announced version 60 is available in the CURRENT tier. cPanel comes free with both a HostDime managed VPS server and managed bare metal dedicated server.

Written by October 20, 2016

Tech or treat! With October halfway over, it’s time to get your costume situation figured out. I’m here to help with these tech-related Halloween costumes.

Written by October 19, 2016

Both platforms are integral parts in the infrastructure business. Read on to educate yourself on which technology is best suited for your enterprise.

Written by October 14, 2016

For the first time ever, take a look at our build team in action as they expertly assemble servers from scratch.

Written by October 5, 2016

We will be fully staffed and available during the storm to handle any potential issues that arise, and have tested and verified all of our emergency infrastructure to ensure all services remain up and available.

Written by October 5, 2016

HostDime’s DimeNOC data center in Orlando, Florida got a glimpse into our industry’s future when 11 year old Keegan came to visit.

Written by September 28, 2016

You have SSL questions, HostDime has answers. We talk a lot about SSL certificates around these parts, so here’s all of our SSL resources in one place.

Written by September 19, 2016

Along with our local inline mitigation by Arbor Networks, we now proudly offer security cloud-based GRE traffic scrubbing.

Written by September 12, 2016

E-commerce websites without an authorized SSL certificate will be in jeopardy of having customers turn away from their online business when Chrome applies security warning.

Written by August 30, 2016

HostDime’s OpenStack product is a fully functional public cloud providing scalable on-demand elastic computing resources. Everything you have come to expect from an enterprise environment can now be done in robust and secure cloud ecosystem.

Written by August 29, 2016

A look at how HostDime’s Orlando data center and its servers stay cool despite the scorching hot climate outside.