Written by March 1, 2022

Today is World Backup Day, which always precedes April Fools Day to remind you that only fools don’t have a data back up and recovery plan.

Written by February 28, 2022

Hardware as a Service makes owning a server easier than ever. Mixing renting and colocation provides the most flexible deal for your needs and a price point that works for your business.

Written by February 18, 2022

It has become a necessity for healthcare providers to move their infrastructure and outsource it to a HIPAA compliant data center.

Written by February 4, 2022

Carrier neutral data centers are facilities that allow interconnectivity between multiple telecommunication carriers and colocation providers. Choosing a carrier neutral data center is a necessity for enterprises with mission-critical operations that can’t afford an outage.

Written by February 3, 2022

The HostDime team often gets requests asking if our infrastructure is PCI compliant, and therefore whether our clients can configure their servers to be PCI compliant. The answer to both inquiries is YES!

Written by January 31, 2022

Data egress fees are one of the cloud’s biggest hidden costs. Take a look at the data egress comparison chart to see how much your business will save with HostDime Cloud versus AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Written by January 25, 2022

As businesses look to strategize on how to streamline their infrastructure, let’s take a look at public vs private vs hybrid cloud deployments.

Written by January 22, 2022

HostDime’s mission is to design, build, and operate next-gen, public data centers in emerging markets worldwide. As a rule, we purpose built these data centers to achieve Tier IV standards. Here’s why.

Written by January 16, 2022

As W-2’s land in mailboxes and inboxes around the country, online business owners are looking for every tax deduction they can get.

Written by January 2, 2022

Here’s some easy server maintenance steps for clients to ensure everything continues running as smooth as possible.

Written by December 6, 2021

Say Hello to Spot, the Boston Dynamics robot dog and HostDime’s newest four legged team member! The autonomous and agile all-terrain robot is currently in use at the HostDime data center construction site in Eatonville, Central Florida.

Written by October 29, 2021

A business must take stock of their server capacity and be sure it scales for peak events. Here’s how to scale website for high traffic surges.