The Benefits of HostDime’s Global Interconnection

global interconnection

In today’s hyper-connected world, efficient data exchange is crucial for businesses to thrive. At HostDime, we understand the importance of seamless, global interconnection and have designed our hyper edge data centers to meet these demands.

Natively Carrier Neutral Data Centers

A carrier neutral data center allows interconnection between many colocation and network providers. Since our inception, HostDime has operated as a purpose-built, carrier-neutral facility. Unlike older generation data centers owned by telecom companies with vested interests in their own network services, we welcome all fiber and telecom companies. Our facilities are designed with 4-6 manhole entries to accommodate over 50 carriers.

This neutrality ensures:

  • Complete Redundancy: Carrier neutral data centers can switch servers to an online carrier immediately in the event another carrier fails. As long as alternative carriers are running properly, you stay online.
  • Choice and Flexibility: All carriers are different and have their own pros and cons, like routing paths and specific hardware. Choose the carrier that best fits your needs, and if another carrier offers a better fit or lower prices, you can switch providers while staying in the same data center and server space.
  • Cost Efficiency: With all the carriers competing for best price and most connectivity, network neutral data centers have a cost advantage over single network facilities. You’re also likely to get better customer service because of the easy potential to switch carriers.
  • Low Latency: A cross connect, which shares bandwidth from the ISP and the server, reduces the number of hops between carriers. This avoids extra network switches, providing your business with the fastest connectivity possible.


HostDime: Home of Internet Exchanges

An Internet Exchange Point (IXP) is a physical infrastructure that allows different networks to interconnect and share traffic. Think of it as an airport or train station for data, enabling the swift and efficient transfer of information. IXPs play a vital role in enhancing network efficiency and scalability by keeping data local and reducing the number of hops needed to reach its destination.

HostDime’s Mexico data center is home to the Guadalajara Internet Exchange Point (GDL-IXP), the only peering exchange in the region. GDL-IXP keeps internet traffic within Guadalajara, offering the same benefits of improved latency, stability, efficiency, and cost savings.


Multiple ISPs can connect directly without relying on third-party transit providers, ensuring:

  • Lower Latency: Faster data transmission due to reduced travel distance.
  • Enhanced Stability: Improved network reliability by keeping traffic local.
  • Greater Efficiency: Optimized data routes for quicker exchanges.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced expenses associated with traffic exchange.
  • Faster Data Transmission: Direct routes reduce the number of hops.
  • Global Connectivity: Direct access to providers across the globe.

Our upcoming Orlando Data Center will host the Central Florida Internet Exchange (CFL-IX) at the only Tier IV public data center in the region. CFL-IX localizes internet traffic within Orlando, reducing costs and enhancing performance for network carriers, content providers, and ISPs.


Florida Data Center as Gateway to the Western Hemisphere

florida data center

Florida offers a unique benefit in our increasingly interconnected world economy. Think of Florida as a high speed fiber bridge that connects Mexico, Brazil, and other Central and South American nations. With almost 10 submarine cable landing points connecting Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe, Florida is more connected to the world than any state on the East Coast.

Some Florida data centers feature multiple connection hubs that allow for high-speed data transmission overseas. Take the Network Access Point (NAP) in Miami for example, which serves as a major switching station for Internet traffic coming to and from Latin America and The Caribbean. HostDime’s Florida data center boasts a dark fiber connection from Orlando to the NAP in Miami. This allows servers in Central Florida to virtually be in one of the world’s most sought-after meet-me rooms, providing connection to any of the 250+ carriers in the Miami facility over a normal cross-connect via layer 2 transport in 1G or 10G capacities.


HostDime Offers Global Roof Access

Lastly, as part of HostDime’s data center interconnection design, roof rights provide customers the ability to mount antennas (UHF, VHF, Point to Point), dishes, GPS, or similar infrastructure on the roof of HostDime data centers in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and India. This capability allows our clients to connect their antennas seamlessly back to their racks or cabinets via fiber or copper cabling.

Setting up a roof antenna is easy and can be completed in under a week. Simply contact our in-house team and we can create a customizable solution for you. Roof top antenna access starts at $150 a month.

The market is increasingly shifting towards interconnection and peering. As applications and cloud providers grow, the need for efficient and direct connections becomes paramount. HostDime’s data centers are designed to be the epicenter of this trend, ensuring that our clients enjoy the highest performance and lowest latency possible. Join the party at HostDime’s interconnection hubs and experience the benefits of cutting-edge data exchange today.