Purpose Built Data Centers by HostDime

HostDime's mission is to design, build, and operate next-gen, purpose built data centers in emerging markets around the globe.

A purpose-built data center is designed and developed from the ground up for specific mission-critical data center operations.

The majority of data centers today are retrofitted buildings that have been converted into a data center. These makeshift data centers compromise on crucial infrastructure that puts customers’ businesses and their data at risk; they build infrastructure around what is already there, rather than where it should be.

HostDime's data centers are built from scratch and are specifically designed and engineered to provide maximum uptime, security, and usability.

HostDime vs Other Guys

LOCATION MATTERS: Most current data centers reside in large metro cities in the US and Europe. Infrastructure in large markets come across several issues like data congestion and poor connection, causing high latency. HostDime takes a different approach and selects emerging markets that lack the necessary data center infrastructure. HostDime has data centers strategically placed worldwide to make sure your visitors are receiving the fastest response times to your website.

DESIGN STANDARDS: Tier IV is the highest possible certification a data center can; they are as secure, reliable, and redundant as can be. Sometimes referred to as the four 9’s, Tier IV data centers have 99.99% availability, which equates to less than an hour of downtime a year. HostDime's Tier IV data centers features 2(N+1) redundancy, meaning the facility has double what is required to operate, plus backup infrastructure. Less than 20% of data centers in the world are Tier IV and we only build Tier IV as a standard and aim to achieve 100% uptime year after year.

PUE: PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is an indicator of how efficient a data center uses energy delivered to computing equipment. The lower the PUE, the better. HostDime's purposeful use of the latest power efficient electrical components corresponds to a large reduction in annualized PUE. HostDime achieves a 1.5 PUE in our constructed data centers, while our competitors often have PUE in the 1.9 or higher range.

RACK POWER DENSITY: All of our purpose-built data centers feature dual distribution paths that provide power feeds to all racks and white space via A/B power sources by default, while allowing high-density racks up to 20 KW per rack on demand. Aisle containment is preinstalled on all data halls with racks, and available for setup to all other white space to properly and efficiently deliver the cooling necessary to support the power density.

NATIVELY CARRIER NEUTRAL: HostDime's purpose built data centers are carrier neutral. Their Point of Presence rooms feature multiple carriers and ISPs linking straight to the server racks from the source. This provides full redundancy, lower latency, and the flexibility to switch carriers.

CLIENT-CENTRIC AMENITIES: These data centers are filled to the brim with client amenities, including client reception areas, on-site office areas for business continuity, IT equipment staging areas, collaboration conference rooms, multiple loading docks for IT equipment delivery, and on-site workstations.

Orlando Flagship Data Center
  • Only enterprise Tier IV data center in Central Florida, 99.99% uptime
  • 100,000 square foot, seven story high facility, with space for 900 racks
  • Most connected facility in Orlando, 100 GBs of network connectivity
  • Dozens of Tier 1 bandwidth providers in 3 Meet Me Rooms
  • Dark fiber connectivity to Miami's NAP of the Americas for low latency
  • More Information: Current DC | Upcoming DC

  • Colombia Data Center
  • One of the only Tier IV facilities in Colombia, 99.99% uptime
  • 70,000 square foot, five story high facility, with space for 800 racks
  • Private data center suites, colocation cage space, and private racks
  • 6 x 1.5MW generators for complete redundancy
  • A/B duality Meet Me and network rooms ensure no point of failure
  • More Information: Current DC

  • Brazil Data Center
  • Two data centers in Northern and Southern Brazil
  • Joāo Pessoa facility features private cage space
  • 99.99% uptime, dual A/B distribution, over 2000 kW availability
  • Certifications include HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SSAE-16 Type 2, SOC 1, SOC 2
  • More Information: Northern Brazil DC | Southern Brazil DC

  • Mexico Data Center
  • Tier IV data center would be only second Tier IV facility in Mexico
  • 100,000 sq. feet in total size with 3MW of critical IT load capacity.
  • Home to Guadalajara, Mexico’s first peering exchange (GDL-IX)
  • Client amenities include helicopter pad to get around Guadalajara traffic
  • More Information: Current DC | Upcoming DC

  • HostDime offers an array of cloud-native infrastructure products and services including physical bare-metal servers, cloud servers (both private and public), colocation and Hardware-as-a-Service at all our purpose built locations in global edge locations. We also provide professional managed services on all core products globally. Open a ticket with our local sales team to create your own customizable set-up.