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HostDime Colombia Colombia Branch Profile -

HostDime Colombia is our fourth international venture and our second in South America. South America quickly became a very appealing market after the success of HostDime Brazil, and also due to the perfect fit with our international strategy. HostDime Colombia not only solidifies our presence in the South American market, but has been a huge advantage in our future endeavor for HostDime Latin America (coming soon)!


Ibague, known for it's music and lively mountainous scenery, is the location of our HostDime Colombia Branch. Ibague, with a population of about half a million people, has been one of the most impressive branches given the population. Colombia has opened it's arms to HostDime and we actively work on expansion of this branch.


Name: Edwin Tello
Experience: 5+ Years
Certifications/Education: Business BA
Title: Director
Phone: +91 471 406 0553
Branch Website: HostDime Colombia

Office Upgrades

Our operations in each branch always start modest, which is in an effort to truly provide the most competitive service and products on the market. As branches grow, we tend to upgrade facilities accordingly. As such, HostDime Colombia has a new state of the art office in Ibague. We offer consultation services, dedicated server quotes and even customized technical plans for FREE! View the HDCO New Office video below!