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HostDime Mexico Mexico Branch Profile -

HostDime Mexico inaugurated in 2008. Mexico is a country that has a growing technology infrastructure and is one of the leading emerging markets in South America. With the expansions and technological advancements, it has proven to be a very "must have presence in" location for existing businesses and new businesses who want to reach Mexican markets. We carefully chose the city of Guadalajara to be the hub of our Mexican branch. It is the second largest city in Mexico and has some of the leading technology universities in the Central and South Americas. It is a technological mecca and is certainly a prime location for our expansion in Mexico. There was a certain draw to the region due to the culture and it's potent presence.

Data Center

Our Tier 3 Data Center in Mexico is located in Guadalajara. We offer many services in this location that including colocation, dedicated servers, business hosting and VPS. Visit the press release for the Mexico Data Center to read more about it.


Our Mexico network has two diverse and redundant connections from Alestra (AT&T) with direct peering from Telmex, the biggest ISP in Mexico, and MegaCable, the biggest cable ISP network in Mexico.

Both are running multiple Gigabit fiber connections into the data center facility. This results in high performance routing within Mexico to reach 95% of all homes at the lowest latency.


Name: Gustavo Salazar Soria
Experience: 5+ Years
Certifications/Education: Senior System Analyst
Title: Director
Phone: 33-4624-2938
Branch Website: HostDime Mexico


Mexico based products and services

Please use the contact form below to inquire about our dedicated servers, colocation, VPS, business cloud hosting located in Guadalajara, Mexico.