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HostDime UK UK Branch Profile -

HostDime UK is the first branch in Europe! It proves to be a very lucrative branch because it allows for clients of the region to have a familiar service level brought by the HostDime brand and with a local hosting advantage. Via our very powerful data center partnership we are able to bring the best service level and hosting options for UK hosting.


Maidstone is a very interesting location because of its advancements in technology within the past few years. It has become the central location for many high-technology firms. Working with HostDime UK provides regional visitors who visit your site with stronger and quicker connectivity. When this partnership was established, a highly reliable and accessable location was at the top of our minds. HostDime has invested in a solution that will ensure that all clients have a great experience as well as state of the art technology.

Data Center

Our current main data center in the UK is in Maidstone. It has high level bandwidth providers available and also offers various advantages to other European hosts, which includes our own IP range. We offer many services in this location that include colocation, dedicated servers, shared hosting and VPS. Visit HostDime UK Data Center for more information!

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