Harnessing the Power of AWS Outposts for HPC Workloads at HostDime’s Orlando Data Center

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of next-gen infrastructure, AWS Outposts has emerged as a game-changer, particularly in facilitating compute-intensive workloads like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that requires low latency and large amounts of data. At HostDime’s Orlando data center, the deployment of AWS Outposts offers a hybrid blend of cloud flexibility and on-premises performance, a crucial combination for today’s data-intensive tasks.


Overview of AWS Outposts

AWS Outposts is Amazon Web Services’ fully managed solution that extends AWS’s robust cloud capabilities to any on-premises facility. By effectively bridging the gap between cloud and data center, AWS Outposts caters to a wide range of applications that require high performance, maximum availability, and local processing.

Over the past year, AWS Outposts has seen notable enhancements, including increased support for various AWS services and improved hardware performance. These advancements are particularly beneficial for enterprises looking to leverage the cloud for complex computational tasks without compromising on data residency or latency requirements.


AWS Outposts in HostDime’s Orlando Data Center

HostDime’s state-of-the-art Orlando data center is an ideal location for deploying AWS Outposts. The rack arrives at HostDime fully assembled, ready for connection to power and networking.

An AWS Outposts rack is a 42U server assembly that integrates seamlessly into HostDime’s on-premises environment. Each rack, measuring 80 inches in height, 24 inches in width, and 48 inches in depth, and weighing up to 2000 pounds, is a powerhouse of computing and storage capacity.

Inside the rack, users will find a meticulously arranged setup of hosts, switches, a network patch panel, a power shelf, and blank panels. Notably, the Outposts rack has been continually updated to include the latest hardware technologies, ensuring optimal performance for the most data-intensive applications.


HPC Workloads on AWS Outposts

The real strength of AWS Outposts lies in its ability to support a wide range of compute solutions. You can customize based on your compute needs and choose between general purpose, compute optimized, memory optimized, graphics optimized, or I/O optimized. Compute-optimized instances deliver HPC at a low price per compute ratio. For example, these instances could include batch processing, media transcoding, scientific modeling, dedicated gaming servers, and machine learning inference.

Leverage this setup to perform a range of tasks, from training sophisticated machine learning models to running large-scale simulations and analyses. Additionally, the ease of scaling compute and storage resources makes AWS Outposts an ideal solution for businesses experiencing rapid growth or fluctuating demands. The integration of AWS Outposts at HostDime opens new avenues for enterprises to innovate and grow, while ensuring their data is processed quickly, securely, and efficiently.


How to get AWS Outposts in Orlando Data Center

Ready to build? Let’s get started. Head over to AWS, where they will ask where you want the Outpost deployed. You should provide the address for our Orlando data center (440 W Kennedy Blvd Suite 1, Orlando, FL 32810). Once the request is approved/paid for in AWS, contact us directly to let us know how much rack space is needed for your project.

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From there, relax as as trained data center technicians install, connect, and set up your rack at HostDime’s carrier-neutral colocation facility. We’ve been in the colocation industry for over 20 years; rest easy knowing you are entrusting your AWS Outposts rack to good hands. Open a chat with our data center sales team if you have any questions or want a custom quote!