LinkedIn Reassesses Cloud Strategy: Embraces Hybrid Model Over Azure

linkedin hybrid cloud

CNBC reports that LinkedIn has halted its initiative to transfer its data center technology from its own physical facilities to Microsoft’s Azure cloud. This change in direction represents a significant reversal for LinkedIn, which previously announced its intention to shift fully to Azure, following its acquisition by Microsoft for $27 billion in 2016.

Challenges with Full Cloud Migration

The transition to Azure presented LinkedIn with several hurdles. The primary challenge was the integration of their existing software tools into the Azure environment, which was more complex than initially predicted. This led to compatibility issues and difficulties in migrating their current applications, highlighting the challenges large enterprises face when shifting to a public cloud platform.

This strategic shift by LinkedIn serves as a valuable case study for other large enterprises contemplating cloud migration. It underscores the importance of evaluating the suitability of public cloud platforms against the backdrop of an organization’s specific needs and the complexities of existing systems.

Advantages of a Hybrid Cloud Model

In a hybrid cloud deployment, enterprises typically use a combination of on-premises infrastructure, private cloud, and public cloud services to meet their computing needs. Enterprises can allocate resources across the cloud and edge colocation facilities. For instance, you can run certain applications in the private cloud and then shift to the public cloud when you need to quickly gain additional capacity. Put your workloads across various clouds and see what works best. Enterprises can use cloud management platforms to manage their hybrid cloud environments, providing a single point of control for all their cloud resources.

Adopting a hybrid cloud model offers LinkedIn a more suitable solution, providing flexibility and the ability to tailor their infrastructure to specific business requirements, while still leveraging the benefits of Azure’s cloud services.

LinkedIn’s decision emphasizes the need for adaptable and customized cloud strategies. It suggests a growing trend among large enterprises towards hybrid solutions that balance the advantages of public cloud services with the unique requirements of their established systems.

HostDime’s Hybrid Cloud Solution

It’s clear where the industry is headed. Businesses are mixing and matching their data center, colocation, and cloud to stay agile and simplify operations.

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Jared Smith is HostDime’s Director of Marketing.