The 15 Best Technology Podcasts

best tech podcasts of 2013

Tired of listening to the fluorescent light above your head hum all day? Need something to listen to while on the treadmill? Sick of car radio? Podcasts are the perfect solution to these problems. If you are good at multitasking, you can accomplish simple tasks while learning at the same time. HostDime has compiled a mega list of 15 consistently updated technology podcasts that you should be listening to right now.

The 15 Best Technology Podcasts for 2013

1. WebmasterRadio.FM

WebmasterRadio.FM is our current podcast addiction, producing a few dozen podcasts a week. 24 hours, 7 days a week of new content aimed at affiliate and Internet marketers, SEO pros (and novices), and content creators. You could come up with a top 15 podcasts from this broadcasting network alone. Some of my recent favorites include SEO 101, Marketing Nirvana, and Search Kingdom. Check out the weekly lineup.

Pro Tip: If you are using a smartphone, you can listen to podcasts at 2x speed. The voices are understandable, and you can get through them much faster.

2. The Netcast Network with Leo Laporte

The Network is another wonderful network of over 25 tech related podcasts, headed by Emmy Award winning technology broadcaster Leo Laporte. Laporte’s “This Week in Tech” is regarded as the number 1 ranked technology podcast. A full staff produces over 30 hours of intriguing content a week. Peek their full list of shows.

3. The Verge Podcasts

Most podcasts on this list are fairly straightforward facts and opinions about the technology world. This is not the case with The Verge podcasts. The Vergecast (and the spinoff Mobile Show about, you guessed it, mobile phones) are light and humorous in tone, often going wildly off topic into pop culture avenues.

4. NPR Technology

You can’t go wrong with some National Public Radio. The NPR Technology podcast is a host-less collection of tech related extracts from other various NPR shows. It’s easy listening entertainment even for those who aren’t obsessed with tech culture.

5. The JavaScript Show

Peter Cooper and Jason Seifer host The JavaScript Show, which covers the latest in frameworks, development techniques, quick scripts, and many more topics in the JavaScript community. Extensive show notes are provided with each episode, which is awesome if you want to jump ahead to a topic you are more interested in.

6. TEDTalks Technology

Many of the world’s leading inventors and researchers share their breakthroughs and visions onstage at the TED conference in these TEDTalks Technology sessions. Each and every one of these talks has the potential to blow your brain wide open and look at things completely differently. Itunes has the 80 most recent episodes, while has over 400.

7. Empire Flippers Podcast

Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti took their internet business from $30 a month in December 2010 to over $40,000 in January 2012. The information on how they did this is laid out for you for free in their 40 Empire Flippers podcasts. The guys are gifted teachers and speakers, so you’ll learn a lot more about online marketing quickly.

8. Wired Podcast

From the creators of Wired Magazine comes the Wired Podcast, which covers tech headlines, how-to, business, and culture. Wired covers it all; The last episode featured the new Tomb Raider game, Samsung’s eyeball smartphone rumor, the first child cured by HIV, and a tangent about camels.

9. CBC Radio: Spark with Nora Young

Technology used to exist outside our daily lives. Now it is part of everything we do, our work, our schools, our downtime, and how we connect with others. Weekly podcast Spark with Nora Young features rock star guests that examine this dynamic era of technology led change.

10. WordPress Plugins from A to Z

There are thousands of WordPress plugins, which makes it impossible to keep up with. Well, almost impossible, as helpful weekly podcast WordPress Plugins from A to Z helps out immensely. You’ll hear about features you didn’t even think you’d need for your website. The audio is kind of rough in the early podcasts, but they have stepped their game up as of late.

11. Your Website Engineer
Dustin Hartzler’s Your Website Engineer podcast, with over 100 episodes already, will help you create and maintain a high quality website without having to hire a web guru. The show gets released every Wednesday, with one main helpful topic to implement on your site. If you are new to WordPress, check out the first six episodes so you have the necessary background.

12. Nitch

Nitch, hosted by Jonathan Stark and Kelli Shaver, is a weekly podcast about creating apps using open web standards like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, REST, and JSON.

13. The Guardian’s Tech Weekly

The Guardian’s Tech Weekly with Aleks Krotoski provides a good roundup of knowledge concerning the ever changing future of technology. Their aren’t too many tech podcasts hosted by women, so this is a refreshing breath of fresh air. Some information is specific to the United Kingdom for our UK friends.

14. Tech Talker

Tech Talker is Eric Escobar’s podcast for Quick and Dirty Tips. You can have it both ways with Tech Talker, by either listening to the podcast or reading the helpful transcript that comes along with it. If you are in a hurry, you can read the brief “quick and dirty tips” that sum up the whole episode.

15. The Big Web Show

The award winning Big Web Show, created by 5by5 and hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman, tackles topics like web publishing, content strategy, web technology, art direction and everything else that matters on the Interwebz. 5By5 is another amazing online broadcasting network, home to The Talk Show, Back to Work, Build and Analyze, and other shows created for designers, developers, sysadmins, and various other technophiles.

There’s many more podcasts out there; which ones do you enjoy listening to?

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