HostDime’s Statement Regarding Hurricane Ian

hurricane ian data center

Hurricane Ian is currently on track to affect us here in Central Florida this Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9/28/22 to 9/30/22. HostDime has been working overtime to prepare ourselves for the heavy rains, wind, and flooding a storm of this size can bring.

We will be staffed and available during the storm to handle any potential issues that arise, and have tested and verified all of our emergency infrastructure to ensure all services are working properly. This includes fueling up all tanks, testing all backup power systems, securing outside equipment, and stocking up on food and water for staff volunteering to ride out the storm at the data center.

HostDime has been through many of these storms over our 15+ year history here in Orlando, and we are well experienced in keeping everything up and running for all clients.

In-person colocation access may be restricted from Wednesday at 4 PM EST to Friday at 4 PM EST. This can change depending on what the storm does. Emergency access may be granted if requested ahead of time. We may disable our phone systems to focus our support staff on tickets and live chats. If we do so, such a change will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter, and a recording stating the reason placed on the phone system itself. Utilizing the ticket system in CORE for technical support will be your best bet. In addition, we will try to get any new orders/modifications completed by end of day tomorrow; any new orders after that will be completed once the storm has passed.


Orlando Data Center Physical and Power Infrastructure

HostDime’s Orlando data center features a building-within-a-building design, created to withstand Florida’s unique climate conditions. The windowless, single-story building features concrete masonry perimeter walls powerful enough to withstand practically any storm. Our data center will remain manned 24/7.

We have two diesel generators, totaling near 2MW, and configured A + B power on-site in the unlikely event of complete power loss. These impressive generators hold up to 2,700 gallons of diesel fuel on the belly tanks and we also have an external 5,000 gallon tank, so our Data Center Infrastructure stays online without the need of commercial power.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this weather event and hope you all remain safe from this storm!