Written by September 26, 2013

Ruby on Rails hosting has come to HostDime! The Developer Servers are equipped with the most performance-driven hardware so that you’re on a powerful server. These servers contain 50% less accounts than our other shared hosting plans.

Written by September 19, 2013

Today is the day to back up your sensitive data to prevent disaster.

Written by September 16, 2013

There’s over 6,000 official Joomla extensions to compliment your website. HostDime picked out our 10 favorites.

Written by September 11, 2013

There were recently several serious vulnerabilities addressed in RvSkin. Via Rack911: RVSkin – Hardlink Local Privilege Escalation (R911-0063) Type: Privilege Escalation Location: Local Impact: High Product: RVSkin Website: http://www.rvskin.com Vulnerable Version: 10.83 Fixed Version: 10.84 CVE: – R911: 0063 Date: 2013-09-03 By: Rack911 Product Description: RVSkin is an advance skin…

Written by September 10, 2013

A study from Stanford University found that 75% of the 200 students surveyed slept with their cell phones next to them on a nightstand or under their pillow. Almost three-quarters of 18 to 44 year olds sleep with their phones within reach, according to a 2012 Time/Qualcomm poll. The odds are that you and most people you know are sleeping with smartphones.

Written by September 6, 2013

This guide will help you understand what’s under the hood of HostDime’s dedicated servers so you can better choose which server fits your unique needs.

Written by September 5, 2013

DRAM prices should rise after Wednesday’s chemical explosion fire at SK Hynix in China.

Written by September 3, 2013

For years, HostDime has been committed to making our datacenters as green as possible. Increasing energy efficiency and reducing operating costs thanks to proprietary aerodynamic designs and other green technologies allow scalability on demand. It is essential for HostDime to constantly examine the infrastructure and layout to optimize the performance of the facilities, therefore enclosure manufacturer Electrorack was contacted to eliminate hot spots throughout the datacenter.

Written by August 22, 2013

Once you know your product, you only need three things to begin selling online, so what are you waiting for?

Written by August 20, 2013

Many people have inquired about setting up WordPress manually. Installing WordPress manually with HostDime is easy as 1-2-3 (4-5-6). Once completing this tutorial, you will have more power over the security of your site and the databases created to run it.

Written by August 19, 2013

Everything you need to know about installing and using Google Analytics for your website.

Written by August 15, 2013

Check out three new tools to help you keep churning out quality content with a minimum of angst and chaos.