HostDime Colombia Achieves Tier IV Certification From Uptime Institute

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We are excited to announce that HostDime Colombia has earned the coveted Tier IV Design Certification from the renowned Uptime Institute for our upcoming 70,000 square foot data center in central Bogotá! Uptime Institute is the worldwide industry standard for Design and Construction excellence.

HostDime Colombia’s eye-catching facility continues our iconic contemporary style of all the facilities we build and design. HostDime is the sole owner, operator, and developer of this data center.

The 5-story facility will include full private suites, colocation cage space, private locking colocation racks, and an entire floor for cloud-based products. The data center can support over 800 racks. Best of all, it will be one of the only Tier IV data center facilities in Colombia ready to service mission critical loads.

Purpose Built for the Next Generation

Facilities must pass strict design requirements covering mechanical, electrical, structural, and site elements. Tier IV is the highest possible certification; Tier IV data centers have an uptime of 99.995%, meaning annual downtime equals no more than 26 minutes. This Uptime Institute certification shows investors, customers, and the marketplace that our infrastructure will have true 24/7 availability.

As the world continues to fight a global pandemic, uptime has never been more important. With more applications than ever moving to the “cloud”, aka purpose-built data centers, there’s an obvious and massive need for more localized uses at the edge. These edge cloud environments that are highly available, secure, and scalable will appeal to national and international enterprises looking to place their mission-critical workloads and data closer to their end users in Colombia.

purpose built data center

“Our vision to be a leader in the global data center industry continues to drive us to build these highly mission critical facilities in unique, global edge locations. The world is noticing that being on the edge of global locations is the next frontier.” – Manny Vivar, CEO and Founder of HostDime Global Corp.

Say Hello to “Nebula”

You may recall from Greek mythology that Zeus created and molded Nephele out of the clouds; Nephele is Roman for nebula.

Nebulas are now known as interstellar clouds occupying the space among the stars, and acts as a nursery for new stars. Always growing, always evolving.

We see this data center the same way; it represents an agent of light, change, and activity. It reflects our company philosophy to always foster growth, and catapult ourselves and our clients to the highest of heights.

We’re beyond excited for the future, and we’d love to see you grow with us at HostDime Colombia’s Nebula data center!

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