HostDime’s Frequently Asked Pre-Sales Questions

hostdime sales team

Whether you are considering being a web host for the first time or switching from another host, questions always arise about working with your new web hosting provider. Here we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions that the HostDime Sales team receives before someone signs up.

1) How long does it take for my account to be activated?

We manually review all orders so you will receive your login details within 24 hours. (This is to prevent fraudulent sign ups and spammers. This protects our servers and your service experience.) Thank you for your patience during the small wait.

2) What payments does HostDime accept?

We accept credit/debit card payments and PayPal. However, if you use a PayPal eCheck we cannot activate the account until it clears. Normally eChecks clear in 5 to 7 business days. Other payment methods may be available, but the client will need to open up a ticket with our Accounting Department for approval. Only our accounting team can make this decision. Accounting hours are Mon – Thur: 8am to 8pm EST, Friday: 8am to 6pm EST, Saturday: 10am to 2pm EST, and Sunday: 10am – 3pm EST.

3) Are there any other fees to host with HostDime?

  • WHOIS Protection (ID Protect) OpenSRS: $6.99/year
  • WHOIS Protection (ID Protect) ENOM: $6.99/year
  • Backup Restores Using Our Backups: $50 to restore or provide one of our backups.
  • Primary Domain Changes (Shared/Reseller): If the account is older than 30 days from initial activation, there is a $10.00 primary domain change fee.
  • 3rd Part Software Installation: Contact customer service for exact price.

4) Do you allow resellers to oversell?

We no longer offer overselling. If a client needs to have overselling options, they will need to purchase a dedicated server or VPS which gives them root access and the option to oversell.

5) How many accounts can I create with a reseller account?

You can create as many as you would like, some resellers have created over 100. However at that point, your account may be using much of the server’s resources if many of the accounts are generally active. We ask you to be responsible with your account in order to avoid violating our Acceptable Use Policy and risk service interruption.

6) Can I cancel my account at any time? Is there a fee to cancel?

There are no fees to cancel and you are free to change your account at any time. NOTE: We do not issue prorated refunds for time not used after cancellation of a VPS package or dedicated server.

7) Can I host adult content at HostDime?

Any legal adult content is permitted as long as the content is not copyrighted material that you are not authorized to host.

8) Do you provide unlimited SQL databases?

There are no limits to the number of databases on any of our plans.

9) I would like to move from my current host to HostDime, will I have to start from scratch?

  • Currently Using cPanel: If your current host uses the cPanel software, our transfer team can transfer all of your data to your new account with us free of charge as long as you purchase a hosting package which comes with cPanel.
  • Not Using cPanel At Current Host: Unfortunately, if you current host does not use the cPanel software, clients are responsible for transferring their data on their own. Our transfer team will only assist with cPanel to cPanel transfers.
  • Recommendation To Avoid Downtime During Transfer Process: Whether we assist you with the data transfer or you handle the data transfer on your own, we recommend that you do not cancel your old hosting account until after all of your data, email, etc. has been setup on your new account with us and all DNS has been pointed to our server and has propagated around (DNS propagation can take 24 to 48 hours to complete). This will help avoid as much downtime as possible during the transfer process.
  • Note (cPanel to cPanel Transfers) : If you cancel your old hosting package before our transfer team can handle the transfer, they will be unable to access that server to retrieve your files.

10) Is there a limit to how much I can stream on a shared plan?

No, just as long you or your clients do not violate our Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy (No excessive HTTP connections…etc.) . If your site or sites receive high traffic and require a lot of resources, we recommend purchasing a dedicated server so you do not risk violating our TOS or AUP which can result in service interruption.

11) Can I have dedicated IPs, how much are they?

Additional Dedicated IP Pricing Are As Follows:

  • Shared/Business Packages: $5/month Per IP
  • Reseller Packages: $5/month Per IP
  • VPS Packages: $5/month Per IP
  • Dedicated Server Packages: Dedicated Server Packages & Colocation Clients: IPs starting at $15/Month for a /29 Subnet (5 Usable IPs).

12) What are Add-on Domains, are they separate from the main website?

Add-on domains are sub-directories within your main cPanel account that have domain names redirecting to them. They are not separate from your main website, since you can still reach them via or, but they act as a different site separate from your main site. Add-on domains are used for clients who have more than one site to host, but are not a reseller selling space to a client. Add-on domains do not get their own cPanel login and are managed through the client’s main cPanel account.

13) What top level domains can be hosted at HostDime?

We can host any type of TLD on our servers as long as they are not associated with countries which are banned by The U.S. Department Of The Treasury. A list of these countries can be found below. Any site violating U.S. Policy will be taken down immediately and the client will be notified.

14) What type of hosting packages do you offer?

Still have questions? Please feel free to contact our Sales department via Live Chat.

Please be sure to use our ticketing system or Live Chat for Sales questions but also feel free to say “Hi!”  on our Facebook Page or Google+ Page, or by tweeting us at @HostDime.