Written by July 5, 2010

HostDime announced today the launch of its new website, providing optimized user navigation, a fresh aesthetic appeal, and easy access to the company’s expanding line of services.

Written by June 25, 2010

Sure, dedicated servers sound devoted, but are they? What’s so great about renting server space? HostDime is here to the rescue to answer some of these questions you might ask about upgrading to a dedicated server. “What’s all this dedicated server business about?” When renting server space, there are two…

Written by June 22, 2010

 Your desk can say a lot about you; messy, cool, neat, scary, not-so-cool, organized, or a catastrophe. Ever wondered what your desk said about you? At HostDime we wanted to create the perfect desk. A desk that is all kinds of awesome, yet tech professional…just like us. This is…

Written by June 8, 2010

Here we are, 2010. Some might think, “Shouldn’t we have flying cars by now?” While others are thinking, “WHAT, You can watch TV on your cell phone?” In the golden age of technology we are utilizing it in every way we can, especially for our business. There are over 30…

Written by May 18, 2010

We know how the old, not-so-wise saying goes; “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” All of us at HostDime feel a lot differently. We want your experience on our site to mirror the constant support that we provide to you, the client. We have always gone above and beyond…

Written by April 20, 2010

HostDime announced today it has received IP address allocations from the Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE CC) and the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry (LACNIC). The new IP allocations mean that HostDime has IP addresses in more than half of the world’s Internet regions.

Written by February 16, 2010

HostDime today officially launched HostDime India, its sixth international division based outside of the United States. The new division will provide Shared, Dedicated, VPS, and Reseller Web hosting and Colocation to clients in India and surrounding Asian countries.

Written by September 1, 2009

HostDime, a provider of managed hosting services, announced today its Israeli division, HostDime Israel, has begun hosting the website for Cisco’s Mediterranean Youth Technology Club, an education initiative aimed at giving ninth and tenth grade pupils from the Mediterranean region the skills needed for them to become future business and social leaders.

Written by August 18, 2009

HostDime, a provider of managed hosting services, announced today it has completed construction of a new data and network operations center in Brazil, greatly expanding the hosting capacity of the company’s local division, HostDime Brazil.

Written by August 10, 2009

HostDime, a provider of managed hosting services, announced today it has been certified under the United States-European Union Safe Harbor framework, which enables U.S. companies to comply with the E.U Data Protection Directive.

Written by March 19, 2009

HostDime today opened a dedicated customer support facility in Orlando at 12001 Science Drive, adding 1,500 square feet of Class A office space to house its rapidly growing customer support department.

Written by March 17, 2009

HostDime today celebrates the one year anniversary of its fastest growing international division, HostDime Mexico (HostDime.com.mx S.A. de C.V.). HostDime currently operates divisions in five countries worldwide, and plans to expand further this year.