Written by October 1, 2014

Members of HostDime’s customer relations and marketing teams were fortunate enough to attend iSummit 2014, which took place this Monday and Tuesday in downtown Orlando.

Written by September 26, 2014

Rejoice programmers and developers! HostDime has created a simple API and released it to the public to do with what you wish.

Written by September 23, 2014

99 problems but spam ain’t one. SpamAssassin is a trusted computer program that uses a large set of rules to filter your mail.

Written by September 16, 2014

Global data center provider HostDime.com, Inc announces today that digital currency Bitcoin will be accepted as payment for all products and services.

Written by September 9, 2014

Net neutrality is the idea that ISPs and governments should treat all Internet data equally. Net neutrality is about democracy, and is essential to the future and growth of the global Internet.

Written by September 8, 2014

“Should you buy new top level domains for your brand?” Before we answer that question, let’s look at how we got here. Join me on memory lane with this brief timeline on TLDs:

Written by August 22, 2014

Everything you need to know about creating a company press kit to create advertising opportunities and solve media inquiries.

Written by August 15, 2014

Need to update your account on-the-go? No problem thanks to HostDime’s brand new Android app, available free for our clients.

Written by August 14, 2014

VLAN, or virtual local area network, is a logically segmented network that can only be accessed by your server(s).

Written by August 7, 2014

Answer a few simple questions in this flowchart infographic to find out what hosting service is right for you.

Written by August 5, 2014

Leading global data center provider HostDime.com partners with Jelastic to deliver enterprise hosting services worldwide.

Written by August 1, 2014

Initially you may ask yourself, “What’s a validator?” A validator is a program, usually web based, that will check your web pages against the most current web standards.