Written by March 2, 2015

YouTube keyword shortcuts, URL tweaks, browser extensions, and more tips that will enhance your viewing experience.

Written by February 19, 2015

If you have valuable hardware and live around Orlando, Florida, choosing the HostDime data center is a no-brainer for your colocation needs.

Written by February 18, 2015

HostDime will have a booth both days; please come on by and say “Hello!”.

Written by February 13, 2015

A step by step guide to generate your own self-signed SSL certificate in WHM.

Written by February 12, 2015

Let’s dive into the history of the App Store and discuss the problems of search discovery, potential solutions, and why this is so important to app developers and consumers.

Written by February 5, 2015

Google’s PageRank algorithm weighs when and how often a page is updated. The search giant will gladly promote fresh content on an old page because you are creating a worthy, up-to-date experience for the user.

Written by January 28, 2015

On January 27th, 2015, a severe GHOST vulnerability affecting Linux systems was discovered that gives control to attackers without requiring system credentials.

Written by January 27, 2015

Huzzah! cPanel and WHM 11.48 is now available in the current tier, featuring exciting new updates and features.

Written by January 23, 2015

Tax season is upon us, for better or for worse. Brush up on the following useful tips and smartphone and desktop apps that will make filing and organizing your taxes easier than ever.

Written by January 20, 2015

Today we are pleased to announce a new service available exclusively for HostDime clients who require a multiple server setup. You can now choose from four different cluster hosting options that offer full redundancy ensuring no single point of failure.

Written by January 14, 2015

Google Chrome may be most people’s favorite browser, but it’s far from perfect. One of its biggest flaws is how much of your computer’s RAM it eats up.

Written by January 7, 2015

If your website or blog begins with https://, you have likely received an uptick in Google’s rankings. Google says that for now, HTTPS is a lightweight signal, but experts believe it will become stronger in the near future.