Written by May 26, 2016

Enjoy a directory of the best 2016 cloud computing and data center conferences, trade shows, and events.

Written by May 18, 2016

HostDime owns and operates data centers in Orlando, Mexico, and Brazil, with network facilities in Colombia, Hong Kong, India, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

Written by May 10, 2016

cPanel has added tons of new features like server transfers, cloning existing servers, improved server security, and best of all, their highly anticipated site publisher.

Written by May 4, 2016

Earn up to $150 dollars commission each time a new customer clicks on your HostDime affiliate link and purchases a managed server.

Written by May 3, 2016

HostDime’s live chat just got a whole lot more secure; introducing authenticated live chat for our clients’ support and billing needs!

Written by April 29, 2016

HostDime’s KVM VPS platform will allow us to still offer shared and reseller hosting, but in a more private, customizable, and secure environment.

Written by April 26, 2016

HostDime will be phasing out the sale of new shared and reseller hosting accounts from our website and product line.

Written by April 22, 2016

Take an inside look into our data center green initiatives that include hot aisle containment and 100% electronic equipment recycling and data overwriting.

Written by April 19, 2016

Who’s down for a video binge? The HostDime YouTube channel is filled with over 50 videos that have been viewed almost 150,000 times.

Written by April 13, 2016

One way to speed up your page loading time and enhance your server’s overall performance is to take advantage of caching.

Written by April 7, 2016

Wordpress, the most popular content management system used by millions of websites worldwide, is a favorite target of exploit by hackers because it is so widely used.

Written by March 31, 2016

March 31st is World Backup Day, the day before April Fools Day. The lesson is if you don’t back up your files and data, you end up looking foolish.