Written by December 3, 2015

“Extremely large attacks grab the headlines, but it is the increasing size of the average DDoS attack that is causing headaches for enterprises.”

Written by November 25, 2015

HostDime’s DevOps team will be conducting open interviews at our Research Park office, from 10AM to 5PM on Thursday, December 3, and Friday, December 4.

Written by November 20, 2015

Opening in 2021, HostDime’s upcoming seven story data center and corporate office in Orlando, Florida will be the enterprise’s new headquarters.

Written by November 16, 2015

David Vivar, HostDime’s VP of Engineering, USA & Global, speaks on the “Local Infrastructure is Local Development” panel at the 2015 Internet Governance Forum.

Written by November 5, 2015

Starting today, HostDime’s dedicated server line gets even better with a line fully comprised of new v3 Haswell-based Xeon CPUs, including the Dodeca (12!!!) core CPUs.

Written by October 28, 2015

HostDime was on hand for this weekend’s “Smash the Record” tournament, which holds the Guinness World Record for “Longest Video Game Marathon Playing a Fighting Game”.

Written by October 26, 2015

An in-depth look at the process of enabling and configuring backups on a dedicated server.

Written by October 7, 2015

Orlando’s booming tech community is ready to take on the next wave of digital advancements, and there is no greater evidence than the last five days at OrlandoiX.

Written by October 2, 2015

Jetpack is one of Wordpress’ most popular plugins; the exploit affects the contact form module present in the plugin, which is activated by default.

Written by October 1, 2015

Arbor Networks’ Active Threat Level Analysis System, or ATLAS, analyzes Internet traffic and uses this wealth of information to protect HostDime’s entire network. Arbor’s worldwide system provides real-time attack mitigation against botnets, malware, and DDoS attacks.

Written by September 17, 2015

Rejoice because the long overdue WHMCS upgrade is here! Version 6.0 beta came out in April 2015, and is now stable and recommended for all new installations and upgrades.

Written by September 15, 2015

Securing your site with a move from HTTP to HTTPS is a large undertaking but it’s worth it for SEO benefits.