Does My Website Need Validation?

validate website

Initially you may ask yourself, “What’s a validator?” A validator is a program, usually web based, that will check your web pages against the most current web standards. When you use a validator to check HTML, XHTML, CSS, or XML documents, the validator will return a list of errors and warnings found according to your chosen standard. Whether you created the website yourself or someone did it for you, it’s always the best practice to make sure your website validates.

Meet the HostDime Partners!

hostdime partners

HostDime’s mission is to provide users with the most powerful managed hosting services and premier data centers the world has ever seen. To do this, we need a little help from our friends.

20 Internet Hacks, Cool Sites, and Free Apps You Need Now

underrated smartphone apps 2014

It’s been a while since HostDime’s last roundup of time savers and life hacks, so let’s make up for lost time. Here’s 20 quick and easy computer hacks, super sweet websites, and free smartphone apps that will simplify your life.

Need New Managed Dedicated Servers? We’re Ready When You Are.


Are you interested in a cabinet full of managed dedicated servers? Boy did you come to the right place!

HostDime can have your customizable server up and running for you in just 3 days. Skilled build technicians assemble hundreds of servers each and every month at the DimeNOC Datacenter in Orlando, Florida.

The DimeNOC warehouse is stocked with server components at all times to make sure your servers are ready ASAP. This includes cabinets, motherboards, hard drives, cables and everything else that completes a server build.

ECHO: HostDime’s Newest Server Innovation Now Available

mirrored servers

Echo, available exclusively to HostDime dedicated server customers, is the innovative technology that deploys multiple servers for the highest possible availability.

How does it work? We’ll let you in on the secret.