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Need to update your account on-the-go? No problem thanks to HostDime’s brand new Android app, available free for our clients. The app requires at least Android 3.0. Unlike many other apps, HostDime’s app doesn’t require any special app permissions. Numerous features are provided, including:

What is VLAN Migration and How Does it Affect You?

vlan migration

VLAN, or virtual local area network, is a logically segmented network that can only be accessed by your server(s). All new servers are deployed onto a client specific VLAN, with IPs that can only be used by other servers on that VLAN.

RIR, short for Regional Internet Registry, is responsible for allocating and assigning Internet resources like IP addresses. HostDime strives to use the space allocated to us by RIR in the most efficient and safe format. This includes migrating some clients servers to a private VLAN in our state-of-the-art data centers. Not only does this simplify management and reduce risk, it also helps assure future allocations from ARIN so that we can continue to be able to provide IPs to you. If you have been notified of this switch-over or would like to know more about VLANs, read on.

INFOGRAPHIC: Which Hosting Service is Right for You?

web hosting services

If you are inexperienced or confused with the different types of web hosting services, boy did you come to the right place! Answer a few simple questions in the flowchart infographic below to find out what hosting service is right for you. Please share this with anyone who is unsure what service fits them best!

HostDime Brazil Delivers Scalable Cloud Platform-as-a-Service Thanks to Jelastic Partnership

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Leading global data center provider partners with Jelastic to deliver enterprise hosting services worldwide.

Jelastic, Inc., the first company to deliver Platform-as-Infrastructure, today announced that has selected Jelastic to provide advanced Platform-as-a-Service cloud functionality.

HostDime Brazil customers can access a free, two week trial of Jelastic’s Platform-as-Infrastructure solution starting today.

Does My Website Need Validation?

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Initially you may ask yourself, “What’s a validator?” A validator is a program, usually web based, that will check your web pages against the most current web standards. When you use a validator to check HTML, XHTML, CSS, or XML documents, the validator will return a list of errors and warnings found according to your chosen standard. Whether you created the website yourself or someone did it for you, it’s always the best practice to make sure your website validates.