Happy World Backup Day!

world backup day

March 31st is World Backup Day, the day before April Fools Day. The lesson is, if you forget to back up your files and data, you’ll end up looking and feeling foolish.

Backing up your data is a task that must be done regularly, but it sometimes gets neglected. Your whole operation could vanish into thin air with one unfortunately timed hard drive crash. World Backup Day is a reminder to get you in the habit of backup, so your data always stays with you.

Today, let’s discuss server backups, with help from HostDime services.

HostDime’s Backup Policy

It is your responsibility to create and manage your own backups. As no backup method is 100% fail-proof, HostDime does not guarantee backups. Please refer to our Service Level Agreement for our full legal backup policy.

Due to the nature of hosting, our managed support does not guarantee that we will be able to provide you with valid backups. The creation, managing, and restoration of backups is the responsibility of the client, however, we do offer certain courtesies:

  • Business/Reseller Hosting Packages – On shared environments, we take daily and weekly backups of all accounts on the server and will make every effort to restore these for you if you need them. As with all backups, we do not guarantee that these backups will be available or contain the specific information you require, and we are not liable for any loss of data. Please be aware that if you do need us to restore one of these backups that there is a fee to do so. If you can provide us with a backup that you personally created, we will be happy to restore that backup at no charge. We will also be happy to answer any questions you have on how to manage your backups.
  • VPS and Dedicated Server Packages – By default, our VPS and Dedicated Server packages are not configured to take backups of any kind, and we encourage clients on these packages to configure their backup system at their earliest convenience. While we do not guarantee any backups or backup configurations, we will happily assist you with configuring your backup system upon request. We will also be happy to answer any questions you have on how to take your own backups, along with any questions you may have on configuring your backup system.

HostDime Remote Storage Service

HostDime offers in-house remote storage service as an add-on to your hosting account. This helps maximize redundancy and improve overall performance with your current server build.

Mount your remote storage service as a drive on your VPS or Dedicated Server to push and pull data from your account. Access and manage your remote storage service including expandable disk quota, FTP, SFTP, SCP, NFS, CIFS, and RSYNC.

Upon purchasing, you can choose which HostDime storage location you’d like to store your data in. HostDime has remote storage systems in the United States, United Kingdom, and Brazil; choose the facility closest to your server, office, or home for the fastest transfer speeds.

25 GB HDD SPACE – $10 a month
50 GB HDD SPACE – $20 a month
100 GB HDD SPACE – $40 a month
150 GB HDD SPACE – $60 a month
300 GB HDD SPACE – $100 a month

If you would like more than 300 GB, please call our sales team at 1.888.402.DIME or chat with us.

HostDime Offers Disaster Recovery Services

Whether you are a HostDime client or not, take advantage of our disaster recovery service and store your data in any of our high security data centers located around the globe. Save and recover all your files and software hassle-free.

Create a future plan catered to your needs. Maybe you want to have your data off-location in case of a natural or man made disaster at your business. Maybe you want HostDime to perform your businesses’ data backups every night.

Just like our backup storage service, you can have your data on a redundant file system at any of our global facilities.

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