March 31st is World Backup Day!


March 31st is World Backup Day, the day before April Fools Day. The lesson is if you don’t back up your files and data, you end up looking foolish.

Backing up your precious information is a task that must be done regularly, but it’s sometimes gets neglected. All your videos, photos, and music could vanish into thin air with one unfortunately timed hard drive crash. World Backup Day is a reminder to get you in the habit of backup, so your data is always with you.

Should You Backup Your Computer to Your Hosting Account?

NO! Be sure to carefully read your web host’s terms and services. Chances are, the web host will state that you are not allowed to use their servers for your own computer files. This server space is reserved for your website and the database with it.

Uploading your own files to a shared server is not as secure as an external hard drive. If one person on your server gets hacked or spammed, there’s a chance the data on the server has been compromised.

Your hosting account may be in peril of termination if you upload your large photo albums or your favorite movies on your server. This is an illegal practice and you don’t want these files deleted by a technician, especially if you don’t have these files elsewhere.

Free Backup Data Services

There are plenty of free backup services for your data as well. Comodo Backup includes 5 GB free online storage with scheduled backups included. Cloud-based Dropbox provides 2 GB’s of free storage, and files sync to all of your computers. OpenDrive supports and syncs file editing from anywhere and provides you 5 GB of free online storage per user. Clonezilla is a free open source tool that creates a clone of your entire hard drive and operating system.

HostDime Remote Storage Service

HostDime offers in-house remote storage service as an add-on to your hosting account. This will help maximize redundancy and improve overall performance with your current server build. Mount your remote storage service as a drive on your VPS or Dedicated Server to push and pull data from your account. Access and manage your remote storage service including expandable disk quota, FTP, SFTP, SCP, NFS, CIFS, and RSYNC. If you are have more questions, contact us and check out the remote storage prices. 20 GB’s start at $10 a month.

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