WHM Complete Solution

WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses.


WHMCS is the complete automation solution for web hosts and developers. Creating client management, billing, and support software for over ten years, WHMCS is always up to date with the latest hosting technologies and seamlessly integrates with many control panels and services. Let WHMCS and HostDIme give you the power and flexibility to do business the way you want.

WHMCS Features:

WHMCS clients profiles
  • Automate everything from account provisioning to domain management.
  • Allow clients to sign up, transfer, renew, and manage domains without any intervention on your behalf.
WHMCS admin dashboard
  • Billing is easy thanks to automatic invoicing, payment processing, multiple currencies, payment reminders and cancellations/refunds.
  • Flawless integration with fully customizable templates and multiple widgets.
WHMCS support tickets
  • WHMCS includes a fully featured helpdesk for your clients.
  • Built-in support tools including announcements, knowledgebase & a fully featured support ticket system

Terms of Eligibility for Free WHMCS license from HostDime:

  • Customer must have active managed service at HostDime.com.
  • The active managed service must be either a Reseller Package, VPS, or Server to qualify for the license.
  • Account must be hosted on the HostDime network.
  • Only one free license per client.
  • The license is only valid if you remain on an eligible HostDime plan.

All HostDime customers with a qualifying managed service (see the above requirements) are eligible to receive one FREE WHMCS license.

In order to obtain your free license, please contact our Sales Team through our help desk at https://core.hostdime.com/