HostDime's History in Brief

Founded in late 2003, HostDime is a privately owned and operated global data center provider. HostDime offers managed cloud hosting services with fully supported amenities and web tools that have empowered global users to do more on the cloud with affordable cost in mind. HostDime is globally recognized as an established, reliable, and trustworthy data center company in the industry.

HostDime’s humble beginnings with only one server in 2002 molded the company’s fundamentals which it lives up to today: To service its clients at the highest level possible and accept nothing less. To innovate with the latest technologies to empower our clients year by year. To work hard everyday because we love what we do with a passion. To be a global leader in providing world class facilities with the highest level of uptime. To have the highest level of integrity and work ethic. With these strong fundamentals, HostDime delivers a large array of managed cloud hosting products above industry standards. Couple that with passionate customer support and it’s clear HostDime genuinely helps every step of the way.

In 2003, HostDime opened its first data center in Orlando, Florida after growing from one server to over 200. The passion and vision for excellence prompted the founding HostDime engineers to design a facility which provides the highest levels of uptime and service to clients. Once the facility was completed, HostDime succeeded in transferring all servers from a prior third party data center to it's very own facility in Florida. Managed Dedicated Servers, Managed VPS hosting, and Colocation services were added to the product line.

From 2006 to 2010, HostDime metrics demanded the need for global data centers and began building global networks. This would be the start of an impressive global footprint that HostDime owns today. It all started with Brazil in 2006, then global networks in Mexico, United Kingdom, and Colombia in 2008. In 2009, HostDime India was launched and in 2010, expansion continued to the rest of Latin America. A summary and footprint of HostDime’s global facilities can be viewed here.

With the local footprint in each of these countries consisting of employees who understand the culture and language, HostDime aimed to bring expertise to provide these emerging countries tools and services to bring their ideas, businesses, and projects online to the Internet cloud. The vision of our global footprint has been to deliver industry leading cloud hosting products to emerging markets and to provide foreign businesses the opportunity to have access to local data centers in countries they wish to do business in. The global data center footprint will continue to evolve in 2013 and beyond as HostDime develops research in emerging markets.

One of the most impressive aspects about HostDime's humbling start is that the company has been self-funded from the start. Contrary to most technology companies, HostDime's vision and goals from it's original team were engineered in-house and deployed using the company’s own cash flow funds. While never having the luxury of bank loans or investors, everything has been achieved with a lot of hard work and priceless experiences. This self-funded past provides a great sense of stability and trust from clients because HostDime is debt free and has a strong long term business model. To this day, the growth of its global footprint and USA operations continue to be self-funded with no outside cash influx.

Fast forward to 2018 and HostDime now has over 250 employees globally. Through various partnerships and alliances with leading enterprises dealing in the world of software, hardware and bandwidth networks, HostDime has evolved into a world-class data center operator. HostDime currently hosts over three million domains, while still privately owned and presently ranked among the top 50 cloud hosting companies in the world. With hard work, passion for technology, and unwavering determination, HostDime will continue to do what it does best: deliver reliable, high-quality managed hosting with exceptional support that is cost-effective and undoubtedly reliable.

HostDime's history HostDime's history